Judges 10:1-5 – A Reboot

Read Judges 10:1-5

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I wasn’t sure what to make with the reading today. The rules of our judges, Tola and Jair, comprise a total of 45 years. We don’t see any big conquests or bloodshed. Personally, that’s a bit of a relief for me.

We also don’t see the familiar “cycle” called out of (1) Israel’s rebellion and turning away from God, followed by (2) oppression from a foreign power, followed by (3) crying out to God for help, and (4) God raising up a judge to rescue his people. After the fiasco with Abimelech, it’s almost as if we see a “reboot” going on. God was giving the people a bit of a reprieve by having back-to-back judges to keep the peace for this period of time.

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Psalm 123 – Have Mercy

Read Psalm 123

I lift my eyes to you Lord.

We need our focus to be on God and everything else will fall into place. We need to cry out for mercy, and it will be given to us.

When I imagine true attention on God, I picture our dogs during training exercises. Those sweet little faces looking up at me, wanting to please and obey. They are so eager for the treat that awaits them as an reward for the appropriate response. There is almost a pleading in their expression.

How does it look when we look to God? Are we smiling with thanksgiving? Are we scowling with anger? Are we laughing with joy? Are we pleading for forgiveness? Are we expectantly waiting for direction?

We are probably all waiting for answered prayer of some kind or another. Maybe it’s for restored relationships, for healing from sickness, for clarity on a job change, for rescue from a dangerous situation, for peace, for financial security. We are all in the waiting boat. Where are our eyes while we wait?

Don’t you love how God’s word is always fresh? We may have read this same psalm a billion times, but each time there is something new, something fresh that is revealed. That’s why Bible studies with others can be so beneficial. We all see the same passage through different eyes, coming from different backgrounds with perhaps differing perspectives. We can learn so much from each other and how God is revealing himself to them.

So where are your eyes focused today? Do you want to do something about it? For me, I’m going to work harder at keeping my focus on God and not on the struggles or frustrations of the day.

Let’s pray. Lord, I cry out to you with thanksgiving for giving me life and breath. May I serve you and bless you with my words and actions today. Help me keep my focus on you. Help me shut out distractions. Use me to touch lives today. Have mercy on me and my household. In Jesus’ name. Amen.