2 Chronicles 15:1-19 – Real Victory

Read 2 Chronicles 15:1-19

This reading begins with Asa’s victorious return from battle. However, I just wonder how “victorious” he really felt when he remembered it was relatives who fell at the hand of his troops. Yet, it was God who helped defend Asa and the Israelites living in the southern kingdom.

The first message from God he received from Azariah who had had a visit from the “Spirit of God.” The LORD’s message confirmed what Asa was to do. Asa would be a strong leader charged with keeping his people true to the LORD. Asa knew that the only way that was going to happen was to remove the reminders and distractions of the false gods that were apparently still in existence.

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2 Chronicles 14:1-15 – Call on the LORD

Read 2 Chronicles 14:1-15

Asa is the first of the reforming kings in Chronicles. Even though the kings before him may have listened to the LORD, they must have looked the other way when it came to all the false gods and pagan practices that had been infiltrating the land. From the sounds of it, Asa led the charge of a great cleansing.

The land was at peace when the people were following God. I’m sure there is no “accident” or “coincidence” there. What would our world look like if everyone was a true follower of God? The renewed peace we see here is a direct result of the restored faith.

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2 Chronicles 13:1-22 – The LORD’s Power

Read 2 Chronicles 13:1-22

On paper, Abijah and his select troops were outnumbered two to one by Jeroboam’s troops in the north. Jeroboam must have believed his victory was sure. But Abijah didn’t retreat out of fear. Instead, Abijah boldly proclaimed the LORD to Jeroboam’s mighty army.

I was proud of Abijah, weren’t you? How many times have we, in the face of danger, declared our allegiance to God and called out the ignorance of our rival? Abijah said without hesitation, “But as for us, the LORD is our God, and we have not abandoned him.”

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2 Chronicles 12:1-16 – Bad Things Happen

Read 2 Chronicles 12:1-16

We see in this reading what can happen when leaders are not following God. All the efforts of fortifying cities Rehoboam did in our last reading could not stop the invasion when God was allowing it. The prophet “Shemaiah told them, “This is what the Lord says: You have abandoned me, so I am abandoning you to Shishak.” What does that say to us today?

The leaders accepted God’s response and promptly humbled themselves. Seeing this, God relented from his plan of destruction. What if these leaders had not understood God’s disapproval and discounted the prophet’s warning?

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1 Chronicles 11:1-23 – Be Fortified!

Read 2 Chronicles 11:1-23

Our last reading had Rehoboam running for the safety of Jerusalem. We pick up here with what Rehoboam did when he got to Jerusalem. He got prepared for war, to defend his kingdom. Rehoboam must have had some idea he would be unpopular if he did what he threatened to do.

Rehoboam did what he thought was wise by fortifying certain cities and locations. He was cautioned against aggression against Jeroboam and the ten other tribes of his people. Thankfully, he listened, at least for now, and bloodshed was averted thanks to God’s message through the prophet, Shemaiah.

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