Ezekiel 21:1-7 – The Sword of the Lord

Read Ezekiel 21:1-17

Both the righteous and the wicked would fall. If there were any believers left in Jerusalem, surely they’d flee at hearing these words. The sword of the Lord would have no mercy on them. As I understand it, this was not the “final” judgment being spoken of where the righteous are protected. But the words should still be a bit frightening and spur the believers into action.

Clearly, the LORD intended the severity of the sword would draw attention from the world. God wanted to make a bold statement that would reveal his power. Continue reading “Ezekiel 21:1-7 – The Sword of the Lord”

Ezekiel 20:27-49 – The Same Message

Read Ezekiel 20:27-49

The messages from the Sovereign LORD seem to repeat themselves over and over again, don’t they? I suppose that speaks to the hard-headedness of people. On average, it takes some of us hearing something more than once to understand or take action. The LORD wants to be known and recognized.

One of those repeating themes is the lament over the sins of their ancestors. Some of the things that anger God the most took place in those days. The one that gets me is the sacrificing of children. Working with children like I do, especially those abused and abandoned, it breaks my heart that they were not shown the love they deserve. How about all the innocent children who have been put to death? Continue reading “Ezekiel 20:27-49 – The Same Message”

Ezekiel 20:1-26 – Obedience Gives Life

Read Ezekiel 20:1-26

What surprised you more—that leaders of Israel came to God for answers or that God refused to give them what they wanted? We’re not told who these men were or what their agenda really was. But Ezekiel was faithful and expected God to respond.

God’s response was more of a rebuke, putting those Israelites in their place. Just in case those leaders weren’t familiar with what had happened centuries before, they were now informed. It never ceases to amaze me how many chances God gave his rebellious people. Our human frailty would not have allowed us to be as patient. Continue reading “Ezekiel 20:1-26 – Obedience Gives Life”

Ezekiel 19:1-14 – A Funeral Song

Read Ezekiel 19:1-14

These lamentations were meant to be used in a funeral for the princes of Israel. Is Judah being represented by a lioness in this song? In Genesis 49:9, on his deathbed, Jacob says this about his son, Judah: “Judah, my son, is a young lion that has finished eating its prey. Like a lion he crouches and lies down; like a lioness—who dares to rouse him?”

The Ezekiel text captures this relationship between lions and Judah. The cubs in question represent two kings of Judah, each seen as evil in the Lord’s eyes. The first, King Jehoahaz was deported by Pharoah Neco to Egypt where he died. The second cub represents King Jehoiachin, taken into exile in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar where he was virtually a prisoner for 37 years. Continue reading “Ezekiel 19:1-14 – A Funeral Song”

Ezekiel 18:1-32 – The Justice of God

Read Ezekiel 18:1-32

What a powerful message for God. Even though it was originally intended for the wayward Israelites God sought after, isn’t he still searching after us as well. Some of us are easier to find because we’re drawing closer to him, yet we always seem to fall short.

Here in these verses we see the kind of behavior that is pleasing to God. We also see how God rewards and disciplines when our behaviors fit or flee from God’s high standard. Some would be troubled by such expectations. Others continually seek to be better at achieving such a lifestyle. Continue reading “Ezekiel 18:1-32 – The Justice of God”


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