Ezekiel 3:16-27 – Such Great Responsibility

Read Ezekiel 3:16-27

Ezekiel surely had a lot to think about over those seven days. It would seem his assignment is all but hopeless. This reading picks up after that week of Ezekiel’s reflection. He had taken time to deal with how overwhelmed he must have felt. Notice how Ezekiel is cared for and given good instructions.

Despite the divine communication, I can almost feel the pressure Ezekiel faced in making sure he never ignored a message from God, no matter how difficult it might be. God had deemed it wise to give Ezekiel this great responsibility. Even the spirit promised to help him not say the wrong thing when provoked by the rebels. Continue reading “Ezekiel 3:16-27 – Such Great Responsibility”

Ezekiel 2:9-3:15 – Digest This!

Read Ezekiel 2:9-3:15

We’ve just read of the physical example of actually digesting the word of God. Now we know what God put in Ezekiel’s open mouth. Ezekiel was open for God. We can only imagine how overwhelmed Ezekiel would have been by this vision.

I was reminded of Jeremiah’s words in Jeremiah 15:16, “When I discovered your words, I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name.” Ezekiel was able to actually do that, devour the word of God! Continue reading “Ezekiel 2:9-3:15 – Digest This!”

Ezekiel 2:1-8 – Used By God

Read Ezekiel 2:1-8

One moment Ezekiel’s face was in the dust overcome with his vision of the throne of God, and the next–God spoke. Have you ever heard the voice of God speak to you? I’ve often wondered if I may have missed hearing God because my head was too crowded with other things. I’ll never forget the night I heard God say, “You’re going to write for me.” I’ve been writing my Bible reflections ever since.

If God wants us to move, like he did Ezekiel, he’ll make sure we hear him loud and clear. Do you think Ezekiel jumped to his feet when he heard the voice? He may have thought he was hearing things. If there had been any initial doubt, God sent his spirit to enter Ezekiel. In that moment, Ezekiel must have realized who he was hearing. It was God speaking just to him. Continue reading “Ezekiel 2:1-8 – Used By God”

Ezekiel 1:15-28 – What About Those Wheels?

Ezekiel 1:15-28

While we can picture those wheels perfectly, let’s not get stuck on all the details and descriptions no matter how helpful. What is Ezekiel’s message telling us? If we look at the basics of what the wheels may signify, then what’s obvious is how the wheels make it possible to go anywhere, in any direction with ease and grace. Think about it! How much more efficient would we be if we looked at living our lives like that—always going in the right direction. Sky’s the limit to what we can accomplish, even how close we can draw to the heart of God!

If movement wasn’t enough, these darling wheels were also spirit-filled. We, too, can be spirit-filled when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives. I like Ezekiel’s image here, “When the living beings moved, the wheels moved with them.” Just like when we move, we surely hope the spirit is moving, too. Life is so much more rewarding with the Holy Spirit accompanying us. Continue reading “Ezekiel 1:15-28 – What About Those Wheels?”

Ezekiel 1:1-14 – A Vision of Four-Faced Beings

Read Ezekiel 1:1-14

Can you imagine what it feels like to have the hand of God take hold of you? This young prophet sure did. The Book of Ezekiel wastes no time in getting into the thick of some pretty captivating imagery.

There’s no question where Ezekiel is as he encounters this first vision. Knowing the time and place and mention of King Jehoiachin, we can place Ezekiel in June/July 593 B.C. during the time of exile. The prophet Daniel would have been a contemporary, also living in exile. Ezekiel’s version of Babylonian life will be from a different perspective. Ezekiel wasn’t the Jewish high-ranking officer that Daniel was. Continue reading “Ezekiel 1:1-14 – A Vision of Four-Faced Beings”


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