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Devotions on the Go! Book Series — walk through a Book of the Bible seeing it from a fresh perspective so you can dive into God’s word, one book at a time! (Only a few of the volumes are pictured below!) Click IMAGE to see Dana’s complete library!

Other Christian authors we love!

Compiling list — return soon!

Business Tools to be More Productive

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Products to be Healthier and Happier!

We made a choice in our lives to get rid of toxins that were making us sick. We also chose carefully several supplements. You may need to reach out to us to help you with your first order — we’d be happy to assist you to a healthier, new you!

HUM Nutrition — David loves the FLATTER ME product for his digestive issues. Click BOTTLE below for more information.

HUM nutrition supplement to help with digestion

ASEA International — Both David and Dana use this redox technology to enhance sleep, increased energy, mood balance, and overall wellness from a cellular level.

asea redox for healthy cells

GO GREEN with healthy cleaning and household products! We’ve learned so much about the toxins that infest our homes in cleaning products, toothpaste, soaps, etc. We love the vitamins as well as the cleaning products we get from Melaleuca. We enjoy the price savings, too! Contact Dana for more information.

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