Philippians 2:1-11 💗 Jesus is With Us

Read Philippians 2:1-11

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Paul is challenging us to “have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.” That might seem a bit daunting, but Paul shows us a bit about what that means. Having this knowledge gives us a glimpse into Jesus’ character as well. Humble. Compassionate. Loving.

You may be thinking, it’s easy to have a good attitude when you’re God. You’re in control. Yet, while Jesus is God, he is also man. We can’t forget Jesus “gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave.” Jesus knows firsthand how difficult being a human can be.

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December 14 🌟 When God Lives Among Us (Zephaniah 3:14-20)

Read Zephaniah 3:14-20

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Oh, what a day that will be when God comes to live among us! He already sent his son, Jesus to do just that all those years ago. That’s what we celebrate in less than two weeks. God incarnate. God lived among us as one of us! Not only was he 100% God, but he was also 100% human.

I know, the math doesn’t add up, but in God’s economy, it makes perfect sense. God can do even more than we can imagine. Our minds can’t even comprehend. It’s with that awe and gratitude I want to make the most of this day, this gift God has given me.

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2 Samuel 21:15-22 – Battling Our Giants

Read 2 Samuel 21:15-22

Battle between David and Goliath

These battles with the Philistines are likely to have happened at various times during David’s reign. Where they fall in the scheme of things doesn’t seem to be important. What then does killing giants have to do with the story?

This collection of stories is known by scholars to be a “list” of importance. Each account identifies itself as “another battle.” The common theme is the destruction of a descendent of the giants. It’s like they did a big sort of the stories and gathered these four into one group.

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2 Samuel 20:14-26 – The Wise One

Read 2 Samuel 20:14-26

black and white pic of two children walking down the street, one with their arm around the other

The wise woman saved a town and gave King David’s leaders what they wanted. Sounds like a win-win, except for Sheba. Funny that I pictured her to be an old woman, hunched over with a shawl. Our reading doesn’t say anything about her age! Hmm. Curious.

I guess I usually equate wisdom with age. After all, I feel a lot smarter than I did when I was younger. Life lessons, plenty of mistakes and wrong directions, including smart course corrections. But then I also think that my granddaughter is “wise beyond her years!”

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1 Samuel 19:11-17 – The Deception

Read 1 Samuel 19:11-17

Saul just lost another of his children to the David camp (so to speak)! What do we make of Saul’s obsession? Can you in any way relate to how preoccupied Saul is with planning for David’s demise? I love to plan things as much as the next guy, but usually for things that benefit others or are for enjoyment of some kind. I can go overboard sometimes in the planning. I get being OVERLY focused on something.

This tormenting spirit hounding Saul isn’t helping. I’ve been thinking about how God is either sending this spirit, because verse 10 refers to “a tormenting spirit from God,” or God is allowing the spirit to create chaos within Saul. Once a respected king, Saul is becoming a bit of a spectacle.

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