Luke 3:21-38 – Meet the Family

Read Luke 3:21-38

Today’s reading has two parts, (1) Jesus’ baptism and (2) recitation of his family tree. Both have their own power. Jesus’ baptism is recorded here and in the other Gospels. Luke’s account is very short and interestingly placed after we are told (in previous passage) that John the Baptist was in jail.

No matter the order of events, we are now focusing on the start of Jesus’ ministry. While most people were getting baptized because of sin, Jesus did not have sin. His public appearance was simply to be used by God to reveal Jesus to the world. The Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, announced God’s love for his Son, Jesus. (Noticed the capitalized “S” in son.)

Jesus’ earthly mission has begun! Continue reading “Luke 3:21-38 – Meet the Family”

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Luke 3:1-20 – Prepare the Way

Read Luke 3:1-20

Jordan River

Today we have a snapshot of John the Baptist. Just several short verses ago we learned how an angel brought the Lord’s message to his aging parents, telling them their son would prepare the people for the coming Messiah. We see that prophecy, as well as Isaiah’s words from the Old Testament, coming alive before our eyes.

John is quite a character. We are told he was living in the wilderness. I suppose that elicits a certain image in your mind, doesn’t it? He would have been very resourceful to maintain that lifestyle. He listened to God’s call on his life and gave it his all. Continue reading “Luke 3:1-20 – Prepare the Way”

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