Luke 2:1-21 💙 Jesus is Messiah

Read Luke 2:1-21

messiah and king

As you read these words, do you picture a Christmas tree in the corner? What an appropriate passage to kick off our next section in the Discovering the Bible Challenge. This week is “Who is Jesus?” Knowing the answers (note the plural) to this question, will help us know Jesus and maybe even meet him in a new and impactful way. After all, Jesus is so many things to so many of us.

For today, we’re at Jesus’ birth. The birth of our king! If this was the very first introduction you had to Jesus, you would meet his mother, Mary, who appears to have gotten pregnant before she was married. She is only “engaged” to Joseph. A few verses later, we see how the angel explains how Mary can become pregnant and still be a virgin. Joseph was simply chosen to be Jesus’ earthly father.

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