Luke 2:1-21 💙 Jesus is Messiah

Read Luke 2:1-21

messiah and king

As you read these words, do you picture a Christmas tree in the corner? What an appropriate passage to kick off our next section in the Discovering the Bible Challenge. This week is “Who is Jesus?” Knowing the answers (note the plural) to this question, will help us know Jesus and maybe even meet him in a new and impactful way. After all, Jesus is so many things to so many of us.

For today, we’re at Jesus’ birth. The birth of our king! If this was the very first introduction you had to Jesus, you would meet his mother, Mary, who appears to have gotten pregnant before she was married. She is only “engaged” to Joseph. A few verses later, we see how the angel explains how Mary can become pregnant and still be a virgin. Joseph was simply chosen to be Jesus’ earthly father.

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Psalm 132 – The Messiah

Read  Psalm 132

I don’t know about you, but did you sense the presence of Jesus throughout the words of this psalm? So I did a little searching, in my husband’s library and the internet. I now have a better understanding of the time in history this psalm was written. I also learned that it is sometimes referred to as a messianic psalm.

You may have noticed it’s positioned amidst the “psalms of ascents” – i.e. psalms 120-134. The the last several psalms have been quite short. This psalm is much longer and would require a little more reflection. For that reason, it’s good that it is included with the other shorter psalms. We sometimes need to slow down and take the longer route if the shorter route is too short! (Although I love shorter psalms too, because the message is more compact.)

The psalm speaks of David to begin, and I got the feeling David’s heart was really in the right place to raise up the Lord. He saw God as represented by the Ark of the Covenant, and it was his life’s desire to bring the ark home. And where? To Jerusalem.

There was such devotion to the ark, that is, God, and David’s deep desire to be in its presence. Much like our feelings of desire for God today, as we sit in our quiet time. David was obsessed with having the temple, it only fitting that this dream would be lived out through his son, the next promised king, Solomon. Do we have an obsession that we need to give to God to either bless or help us stop?

Moving generations ahead, our king, Jesus, also a descendant of David, steps forward for us. He died, yes died, on the cross and made the perfect sacrifice for all who believe. He fulfills the prophecy of verse 12, descendants on the throne forever and ever.

How does this speak to us today? We are still connected to this story are we not? We are sisters and brothers who believe in Jesus, that he is the son of God. He’s a lot more than that, but that one is key. He is our Friend, and He is God, the forever king.

Let’s pray. Lord we are in awe of you. We bow before you today and empty our hearts before you. Lord thank you for your provision, for your direction, for your presence, for your unfailing love. Just everything Lord. You are everything. My everything. May your finger prints continue on my life as my footprints walk with you! In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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