Ecclesiastes 2:18-26 – Good Things

Read Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

Do you like your job? When we like what we do, it’s a bonus. Too many people head off to work, dreading the next eight hours. Here, Solomon isn’t dreading the work but rather having to leave the fruits of his labor to someone else, presumably undeserving.

The whole matter of inheritance is hinted at here. Solomon wasn’t a fan of working hard so that his wealth could be passed down to others. I imagine that with having that many wives and women in his life, he had an abundant number of children. As offspring of the king, those kids were probably caught in the snare of entitlement.

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Nehemiah 12:44-47 – Fitting In

Read Nehemiah 12:44-47

While the people celebrated the dedication of the wall, work was being done to make sure all the key ministry positions were filled. On the one hand, it seems like an odd time to be making staffing appointments; on the other hand, how brilliant to aid the selection process when plenty of people were already in attendance.

The new community needed order, and the recruitment of helpers began. It makes me think of when I would fill positions for Sunday School teachers, food donors, and other volunteers. The goal was to make our children’s ministry programs flow seamlessly. When these people receive their job descriptions, they know how they fit in.

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Nehemiah 12:1-26 – Worship

Read Nehemiah 12:1-26

Up to now, we have been seeing how Nehemiah is shaping up the returnees, so they don’t fall out of God’s good graces again. Here are more lists supporting the people in charge of renewing the people and keeping them properly focused.

Let’s focus on verse 24. It says, “These were the family leaders of the Levites: Hashabiah, Sherebiah, Jeshua, Binnui, Kadmiel, and other associates, who stood opposite them during the ceremonies of praise and thanksgiving, one section responding to the other, as commanded by David, the man of God.” It appears Nehemiah is prescribing a worship format, fashioned after King David’s command.

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Mark 12:35-37 – Whose Son?

Read Mark 12:35-37

This is an interesting little passage, didn’t you think? Nestled away between all the teachings Jesus is sharing with the people and with his disciples on his final journey toward the cross. This time, Mark tells us the message was proclaimed to the people. We have the honor to be able to hear Jesus’ teaching whether it’s to the “people” or to his closest disciples.

The crowd is delighted. I wondered about that word. Were they delighted just to be in Jesus’ presence? Perhaps they were honored that Jesus had asked them a question. Jesus wanted to know what they thought about a certain teaching of the religious leaders. A teaching about the Messiah, about Jesus himself. It’s always good to know your audience and how they understand such important matters.

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