1 Kings 18:1-19 – Trusting God

Read 1 Kings 18:1-19

In God We Trust - as seen on a US coin

King Ahab has been searching for Elijah all this time. Elijah has been kept safe by the LORD, who now sends Elijah out. If Elijah was at all fearful to meet King Ahab, his boldness seems to cover that well.

Elijah encounters another believer in Obadiah. Obadiah wants his allegiance to be clear. Yet, he also reveals to us his own fearfulness to bring King Ahab the news of Elijah’s presence. He fears for his life. Is King Ahab really that ruthless?

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1 Samuel 30:1-20 – Worst Nightmare

Read 1 Samuel 30:1-20

A closeup of a pile of ash and burnt up wood

David and his men faced their worst nightmare when they arrived home and found a burned-out village and that their wives and children were gone. Thankfully, they didn’t come home to dead bodies, too. There was hope they were alive.

David’s men were furious and blamed David for this misfortune. It was time for David to turn to God rather than try and take matters into his own hands. He called for the ephod from the priest so he could be sure the word was truly from God. And God said, “Go!”

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1 Samuel 28:1-25 – When Desperation Sets In

Read 1 Samuel 28:1-25

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Saul must have still be hopeful that God would change his mind and help him. Saul had relied on God’s direction for a long time before he made his costly blunder. He was hoping for a forgiving God. God is forgiving, that is not the problem. God is true to his word, and he told Saul what would happen if, and Saul didn’t believe it then either.

We hear that Saul had banned mediums from the land, yet he was able to find one. She was at least trying to abide by the law, but Saul was desperate. He needed an answer. The battle was looming and he needed a word from God.

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1 Samuel 25:39-44 – David’s Women

Read 1 Samuel 25:39-44

a man and woman in light embrace, facing each other, with a sunset behind them

You may have heard the saying, “behind every great man is a great woman.” I’m not sure where that comes from exactly, but we have seen examples of that down through the ages. If you are a woman reading this, your man is great because of you! And, if you’re a man, then cherish that bride of yours who is making you great!

David seems to have several women in his life. We can’t forget how Saul’s daughter Michal helped David escape several chapters ago. Apparently, in their culture a father can give his daughter away if he chooses. That’s what Saul did in David’s absence following his escape.

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