Joshua 24:1-33 – We Will Serve the Lord

Read Joshua 24:1-33

This seems like a happy ending, doesn’t it? We, along with that rock (vv. 26-27), are witnesses to what the Israelites claimed that day. “We would never abandon the Lord and serve other gods.” Even after Joshua pressed them a bit more, they stood firm that they would serve the Lord. The story of God’s people will continue with the Book of Judges, 1st and 2nd Samuel, and 1st and 2nd Kings. We will see for ourselves what “never” looks like and where the leaks in faith come about.

Joshua does a fine job of presenting God’s message to the people that day. God takes them down memory lane to remind them of his great power. They have the inheritance they do because of God. They are stirred with adoration and gratitude. It does us good, too, to remember God’s mercy and love. Those remembrances are what we can cling to when the going gets rough.

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