2 Peter 1:5-11 – Remember the Promises

Read 2 Peter 1:5-11

Today’s reading is a little more “duty” focused than usual. When we remember what God has done for us, and the promises he has made, we can’t help but want to please him. Right? Most of us, anyway, most of the time, at least.

If we are brutally honest with ourselves, as we should be, we need to realize that we aren’t perfect. Sometimes we forget we are sinful beings. Sometimes we forget how much we need a Savior. Sometimes it takes passages like this to remind us how we should be living our lives in response to God’s promises and provisions. Continue reading “2 Peter 1:5-11 – Remember the Promises”

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1 Peter 4:12-19 – It’s Not All Sunshine & Roses

Read 1 Peter 4:12-19

It has been clear as we’ve been reading 1 Peter that the life of a Christian will not be problem free. We can expect to take a hit because of our faith. It comes with the territory. However, for that suffering, we should be glad. God sees and watches how we handle it. Do we run and hide, or do we persevere feeling the joy of salvation despite our situation?

We may not all experience persecution for our beliefs. In fact, you may be wondering what all of this is all about. We know that even Jesus was questioned by teachers of the law. So, how can we be immune? Continue reading “1 Peter 4:12-19 – It’s Not All Sunshine & Roses”

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Luke 19:28-40 – Triumphant Entry

Read Luke 19:28-40

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Jesus’ ministry had continued, and he had not been crucified? That could never have happened because Jesus was destined for the moment of his death and resurrection. But at this high point in his ministry, people were really getting into it and seeing him for who he was.

Word had spread about what Jesus was doing, how he was teaching, healing performing miracles, and not cowering to the religious leaders. The people were so hungry for this kind of leadership. Yet, they were also dreaming of a mighty king who would rescue them from their oppression. Jesus would rescue them but in a way they weren’t expecting. Continue reading “Luke 19:28-40 – Triumphant Entry”

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Luke 2:21-40 – Hello World

Read Luke 2:21-40

Joseph and Mary continue to be faithful to their traditions and beliefs. They present their son, Jesus at the temple along with their required sacrifice. (Side note: did you notice required sacrifice was two turtledoves, and I’m writing this on the 2nd day of Christmas.)

With the events of the birth night still fresh in their minds, wouldn’t you think this young family was hoping to find some normalcy? I suppose having the son of God in your midst could always be a bit daunting, but the love for your child and the innate need to protect would certainly be strong guiding emotions. Continue reading “Luke 2:21-40 – Hello World”

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Luke 1:46-56 – Magnificat

Read Luke 1:46-56

It’s with a heart like Mary’s we should all praise the Lord. Such a beautiful tribute to her God.  When is the last time you truly found delight like that in your Lord?

This canticle (song) is one of four similar hymns found in the book of Luke. We will encounter the other three in other posts. Many churches over the ages have incorporated this song into their worship services, liturgy, etc., particularly during Advent.

What would your magnificat sound like? Grab a piece of paper, or open a computer file, and start praising God. You’ll notice the form here. Start with praise to God for what he has done for you. Mary was overcome with the fact he chose to use her to make history.

Next, declare God’s greatness above all things. What do you feel inside about God when you think about what he has done. Let those words spill out on paper.

Finally, bring to mind a remembrance of the great things God has done, and there are many examples in the Bible you can use. Which ones speak to you? Feel free to elaborate on his goodness.

Here’s a beautiful example of Mary’s Song. Listen HERE.

If you are having any difficulties in writing your own praise song today, that’s okay. Just spend some extra time in prayer thanking God for all of the blessings in your life, all of the great things he has done over the ages, and don’t forget to thank him for the wonderful future he is preparing for you!

Let’s pray. Lord you are great and worthy to be praised. My heart overflows with adoration and praise. I sing to you a new song and thank you for the voice you have given me. May I use it for your glory and shine with your Spirit. You have fed many with little, you have healed many with afflictions, you have rescued me over and over again. Your power is great and you reign on high, forever. Thank you for loving me. May my words and deeds be pleasing to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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