Hebrews 13:4-6 – Sex & Money

Read Hebrews 13:4-6

Keep in mind that our reading today comes from the Preacher’s closing remarks. As such, we encounter those important “last-minute details” we mustn’t overlook. These few verses handle three hot-button items: Marriage, Sex, and Money.

Times haven’t changed that much because we could agree those are highly relevant topics still today. What wisdom can we glean for ourselves?

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Jeremiah 52:12-23 – The Temple Crumbles

Read Jeremiah 52:12-23

As I read of the destruction, I tried to picture how long it must have taken to demolish the temple and all the other structures described. I felt sad. The history alone of this great building was extensive. I couldn’t help but remember King David’s vision for this magnificent tribute to God, and then his son, Solomon’s call to build. You can read more about David’s thought process in 2 Samuel 7.

Gone. All the grandeur was lost forever. I had forgotten the extent of the bronze and the magnitude of the size. Do you think the people remaining in Judah mourned the loss of this great place? It doesn’t sound like they put up much of a fight. The army just came in like a big wrecking ball as if to demolish the past. And God allowed it to happen! What would the exiles already in Babylon think when they heard the news?

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Jeremiah 40:1-12 – Next Chapter

Read Jeremiah 40:1-12

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We now have a behind the scenes kind of peek at how Jeremiah’s jail break took place. How surreal that must have been to be Jeremiah and to know that God’s wrath had finally come. After all those years of trying to get the people to listen. Now it’s happening, and Jeremiah is in chains! Would he be forgotten? Would he die?

The wait to be found alive was excruciating. Have you ever felt so tormented? Like being unable to get out of a situation gracefully, being chained to something of little value, or feeling like you’re invisible. Those are the times that lead into a new chapter. Something is going to change. For Jeremiah, it was freedom.

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1 Timothy 6:17-21 – Guard What God Entrusts

Read 1 Timothy 6:17-21

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Paul’s parting words to close out his first letter to Timothy share great wisdom. While he is using the example of a rich person, I realize not everybody has great riches. In fact, there is more poverty in this world than wealth. If you have healthy bank accounts, Paul’s message should surely resonate with you!

Several readings ago, Paul spoke of being careful of the evil money can evoke. It’s not the money that is evil, it can be used for good. So, Paul encourages Timothy, “Tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others.” We have all known very generous people, but also seen those who keep all their wealth to themselves.

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Jeremiah 32:1-15 – Investing in Your Future

Read Jeremiah 32:1-15

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I can’t imagine purchasing some land while in prison, even if it were a good deal. From the sounds of it, Jeremiah would be helping a relative by taking this property off his hands. In the real estate market of that day, this property was probably virtually worthless. The value would lie in the memories and traditions the family had invested in this land!

I’m not sure Jeremiah felt he had any choice. He had received a vision from God that his cousin, Hanamel, would come forth with this very offer. We already know of Jeremiah’s great faithfulness. Listening to God was his priority even while enduring hardship, mockery, and imprisonment. It seems God was giving Jeremiah the opportunity for an inheritance which was certainly a strong declaration of hope for the future.

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