1 Kings 1:28-48 – True Succession

Read 1 Kings 1:28-48

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Realizing his own avoidance or possibly forgetfulness, David rises to the occasion here and finally proclaims the new king. We see a climax in this reading as the “true” succession will now take place. David’s other son, Adonijah, will soon learn he jumped the gun and is not the rightful heir to the throne. After all, it is God who gifted the people with a king. It was up to God who was “up next.” David obediently sets up Solomon to be the next king.

David said to his wife, Bathsheba, “As surely as the Lord lives, who has rescued me from every danger, your son Solomon will be the next king and will sit on my throne this very day, just as I vowed to you before the Lord, the God of Israel.” David doesn’t waste any time. He knows he needs to take fast action before the people desert him again and follow Adonijah. It is Solomon’s time to shine.

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2 Samuel 5:17-25 – The Lord Bursts Through

Read 2 Samuel 5:17-25

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Just like that! King David’s reign is off to a great start because the Lord bursts through! In David’s own words, “He burst through my enemies like a raging flood!” The Philistines fell twice! Each time, David consulted with God first. God responded. David obeyed.

The pattern is predictable. When we ask God for something, he will answer. Sometimes the answer isn’t what we expect. For instance, David was probably pretty surprised when God gave him a game plan that was totally a sneaky, “take by surprise” kind of move. But David didn’t question it or think he had a better way. We sometimes think we have the better way, don’t we?

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