Luke 23:44-56 – Hopelessness

Read Luke 23:44-56

Over these past days we have focused on Jesus’ final hours before his death. Today we hit bottom. Have you had a time in your life when you felt like you have hit rock bottom? Perhaps you’re stuck in the muck at the bottom of the pit of hopelessness and can’t find your way out. Don’t spend much time there, but do remember the feeling you had. Hopelessness.

Sometimes it’s hard to insert ourselves in the crucifixion and burial part of the story because we know what happens next. I’ve been really focusing on trying to set aside my knowledge of the final victory to feel the hopelessness his friends and followers felt. Continue reading “Luke 23:44-56 – Hopelessness”

Luke 23:26-43 – Watch the Lamb

Read Luke 23:26-43

Crucifixion is such a horrible way to die. Sometimes we forget. We wear crosses to signify our Christian heritage, but we are wearing a symbol of extreme torture. We can not forget what Jesus endured for us. The cross can be our reminder.

The ridicule, the mockery, the pain and agony. This passage made me think of a song sung at our church in Parkersburg during Lent by one of my favorite vocalists! You can listen to Watch the Lamb HERE. The video is very powerful and helps us to see the story come to life through the eyes of Simon, the Cyrene. Continue reading “Luke 23:26-43 – Watch the Lamb”

Luke 23:1-25 – Guilty of What?

Read Luke 23:1-25

Jesus is now on trial for his life. Those in authority, Pilate, the Roman governor, and Herod Antipas, king over the Galilean region, could find nothing wrong with Jesus. They would have been happy to have him flogged and released. They were at least of the right mind – Jesus was not a criminal deserving of death.

What happens next is the crowd turns against Jesus and a death sentence results. Where did that crowd come from? They can’t be the same people who were singing praise and hanging on Jesus’ every word just hours and days before, could it? Perhaps this was a different crowd? I’ve seen it portrayed that the “good guys” are kept out of the courts that day, and it is only the rebels and friends of Barabbas who gain access.  Continue reading “Luke 23:1-25 – Guilty of What?”

Luke 22:66-71 – Are you the Messiah?

Read Luke 22:66-71

So in today’s reading we are witnesses to Jesus questioning by the council. This is an intermediary step we are not familiar with in our culture today. We are generally not questioned by the “church” before the “state.” But these are the disgruntled individuals who brought a claim against Jesus, the very claim that led to his arrest.

There had been men prior and there will be men after Jesus who claim to be the Messiah, or “somebody” as referenced in Acts 5. If truly from God, the power would be unleashed. We see the power of God released in Jesus. Jesus says, “But from now on the Son of Man will be seated in the place of power at God’s right hand.” Continue reading “Luke 22:66-71 – Are you the Messiah?”

Luke 22:54-65 – I Don’t Know

Read Luke 22:54-65

There are many people in the world that don’t know Jesus yet. It’s tragic to realize they don’t know the life giving promise Jesus means for us. Do we sometimes take Jesus’ love and protection for granted? What would we say if we were asked if we knew him?

Despite his objection, Peter answered those who questioned him, just as Jesus told him he would. Peter underestimated the power of the devil over his life. We probably do the same. Continue reading “Luke 22:54-65 – I Don’t Know”