Colossians 1:1-14 – Paul’s Prayer

Read Colossians 1:1-14

Bible opened with folded hands on top of the Bible

Did you catch how Paul acknowledged the audience? The people of Colosse are introduced as holy and faithful brothers and sisters. What a high honor Paul uses in greeting them. How would someone introduce you and your character?

Interesting to note, Paul had never visited Colosse. The church was founded by someone Paul had converted elsewhere. As often happens, young churches are easily infiltrated by unhealthy trends. It is my understanding the Colossians have been combining elements of paganism and secular philosophy with Christian doctrine. Paul and Timothy write to nip that in the bud so the people can get back on the right track.  The timeless truths of this letter focus on the sufficiency and supremacy of Christ.

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Micah 7:7-13 – Light of the World

Read Micah 7:7-13

view of the earth from space with a bright light shining close beside it

Did you see Jesus in this passage? I did, so I looked at some of the resources David has on Micah. Remember he did his dissertation on this book–so there are still plenty of references sitting on his bookshelf. It appears others hadn’t seen Jesus, but I’d like to take this reflection in that direction anyway.

Because I ask the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart when I read a passage, I’m going to go with what I heard today because I’m never sure who is supposed to read my words. It is always my prayer that something the Lord gives me in my reflections will return to him full and overflowing.

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