Ecclesiastes 7:15-8:1 – Limits on Wisdom

Read Ecclesiastes 7:15-8:1

What an interesting passage coming from one of the wisest men ever. Solomon’s wisdom was a gift from God, yet there were limitations. Today we can tap into God’s wisdom when we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. God is the source of all wisdom, for which there is no limit. We should be grateful for the wisdom God allows be revealed to us.

Solomon continues to struggle with his wisdom. Sometimes when we let our minds wander, we can end up in some unusual places. It seems that is what is happening to Solomon through this whole book. We have all seen things that don’t make sense or seem fair in this world. How do you handle those situations?

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James 3:13-18 – True Wisdom

Read James 3:13-18

We can tell a lot about James’ audience by what he teaches them. It seems they may have had a lot of similar faults to people we may recognize. Jealousy, selfishness, boasting, and lying are not uncommon in our culture today and might even be running rampant. What does James say about that? “Such things are earthly, unspiritual, and demonic.”

Take a moment to let that sink in. Demonic. It makes sense. Those attributes are certainly distasteful when you have experienced the Holy Spirit living inside you. James warns us to stay away from such things, for in them evil resides. Clearly his readers are having a hard time trading in their worldly habits and ideas in exchange for God’s viewpoint.  Thankfully, James gives us a solution.

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