2 Corinthians 4:13-18 – Look Past Your Troubles

Read 2 Corinthians 4:13-18

What a beautiful passage of hope. This is one that we should read over and over again when we are feeling overwhelmed by our circumstances. What kind of faith do you have? Finish this sentence: “I believe in God, so I ______.” You may recognize that from our text today. Paul, like the psalmist believed in God so he “spoke.” When we put our faith and trust in God, we have so much more power to work with. I believe in God so I wrote a book would be one thing I could say.

We’re only given so much time on earth to do what we are called to do. This text calls it right out. Our bodies are dying. But we don’t need to live like we’re dying. Our spirits are being “renewed every day.” How do you refresh yourself? Spending time in God’s word, in prayer, and seeking his will for your life should give you plenty of refreshment. That’s why it’s so important to not just “go through the motions.” Don’t put spending time with God as just another “to-do list” item. Doesn’t God deserve your best?

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Matthew 12:15-21 – Hope For the World

Read Matthew 12:15-21

Jesus knew that he was ruffling feathers. He was upsetting the status quo. In some cases, Jesus was making the Pharisees and religious leaders look ridiculous. Not on purpose, but because the truth reveals the darkness and hardened hearts. The people were oppressed by the government. There was fear. People were waiting for their promised Savior to come rescue them.

Then Jesus arrives on the scene. He had followers. He was healing people all over the place. He was proclaiming the Good News. It must have seemed too good to be true. But Jesus wasn’t the first to come along. Satan has used false prophets throughout history to throw people off, to lure them away from the truth. We can see evidence of that still today. We are still a people in need of a Savior.

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Romans 8:18-25 – Hope for Your Future

Read Romans 8:18-25

All of us are struggling with something. Maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s weight issues, maybe it’s relationship issues, maybe it’s financial issues. Sometimes we feel like all we do is face an uphill battle. One step forward and then two steps back. If you can identify, this passage is for you.

We are not alone in our struggles. We read today that “all creation” eagerly waits and has been groaning in pains of childbirth. For all who know God and his beautiful gift of salvation, we wait in anticipation of something beyond our comprehension. The saying, “this, too, shall pass” should be on our lips.

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John 8:12-20 – Light of the World

Read John 8:12-20

How could they not recognize Jesus as God’s son? They had only been reading about him and waiting for him as long as they could remember. It was intentional. It was God’s plan. We already know it is God who calls us to himself. These religious leaders had to be indifferent or the “time” would never come, and Jesus would not have died a sacrificial death. But I am getting ahead of myself. We aren’t even halfway through the book of John. Continue reading “John 8:12-20 – Light of the World”

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1 Peter 5:5-11 – Blessings Abound

Read 1 Peter 5:5-11

This passage really spoke to me today as a leader. There is so much hope here to keep us going full of encouragement. We need to be humble leaders, not proud and arrogant. God has gifted us to lead, so we should lead, not be interested in all the attention.

I know for me personally, I am uncomfortable when somebody compliments me. I need to get better at accepting kind words while still honoring God with my humility. For me, it’s a hard distinction. I’m sure I’m not alone. Continue reading “1 Peter 5:5-11 – Blessings Abound”

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