Luke 11:29-36 – Shine Your Light

Read Luke 11:29-36

Bring on the floodlights! I don’t know about you, but I want to shine with the light of Jesus. When people tell me I’m glowing, that is the greatest compliment! For us to truly shine, our hearts need to be in alignment with God and his will for us.

It is his light and love that fuels us and keeps us going. Like the energizer bunny has a battery, we have Jesus. But we need to be careful not to be distracted or drawn in by evil. As we know, the evil one is crafty and often tricks us into believing lies. Those lies may start as corners of darkness in our lives, but it can soon envelope the room of our hearts if we aren’t careful. Continue reading “Luke 11:29-36 – Shine Your Light”

Luke 7:18-35 – God’s Way

Read John 7:18-35

Today’s reading was a bit perplexing to me. John knew who Jesus was. Or so I thought. They were related. So why was John sending his folks to Jesus to ask if he was the Messiah they had been waiting for?

John had spent his life in the wilderness, following God’s plan for him to prepare the way for the Messiah (for Jesus). It seems odd to me that he had to ask. Perhaps he was hearing stories about Jesus that weren’t entirely accurate. Maybe he had doubts and had to be sure. Continue reading “Luke 7:18-35 – God’s Way”