Jonah 1:1-17 – Running from God

Read Jonah 1:1-17

The Book of Jonah may be considered one of the 12 minor prophets. Surprisingly, we’ll see that Jonah himself never gives an oracle from God like other prophets. Why, then, is it a prophetic book? Because the story or parable that we encounter does have a very important message for us, just as if God himself had spoken the words through Jonah. Reference is made to Jonah in 2 Kings 14:25, as well, identifying him as a prophet.

The story Jonah tells may also be familiar to you from Sunday School classes or Vacation Bible School skits. I’ll never forget using tuna to create the illusion of being inside a big fish! As you read through this short book this time, set aside what may be familiar and look deeper at God’s message for you.

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Jeremiah 43:1-13 – Choosing the Dud!

Read Jeremiah 43:1-13

looking down on feet on the street with arrows going straight or turning left or right

Do you remember the show, “Let’s Make a Deal”? The premise was that there were always a few good deals but many more duds. People had to make choices without having any idea which was which. The people hearing Jeremiah’s words had a choice before them: stay put with God’s blessing or leave for Egypt and face doom. They knew which was the “dud” but chose it anyway.

The people wanted to do their own thing so much they made the bad assumption Jeremiah was lying about what God said. Anybody who knows Jeremiah’s character would also know he would never give false testimony. I’m sure there were plenty of times when Jeremiah would rather have delivered an entirely different message. God knew from the beginning Jeremiah would be a reliable one to speak for him.

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