Jeremiah 20:7-18 – Jeremiah Snaps!

Read Jeremiah 20:7-18

man with his hands holding his face with expression of apparent desperation

All along I have been amazed at Jeremiah’s fortitude in staying strong. God has been giving him extremely difficult messages to share as well as employing teachable moments to warn the people. Jeremiah continues to be dutiful in his mission despite any exhaustion or frustration. But in today’s reading, it seems he’s had enough!

Jeremiah’s brutal honesty is striking as he cries out to God. We can only begin to imagine the emotions coursing through his veins. He’s desperate, feeling he’s on display. Jeremiah believes he’s been overtaken and even misled by God. Have you ever felt such anguish in your faith journey? Have you ever questioned God’s intentions or whether he was even listening?

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Jeremiah 15:1-21 – What a Conversation!

Read Jeremiah 15:1-21

woman talking on the phone with a planner and coffee cup in front of her

Can you imagine having such a conversation with God? How wonderful for us that Jeremiah’s scribe has memorialized this for us. There is a wealth of wisdom packed into these verses. What spoke to your heart most?

God is clearly speaking to Jeremiah about the inevitable doom that is about to befall God’s children. Jeremiah’s honesty about what he’s feeling is refreshing. He’s worried about his own future, and he lays it out there before God.

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Jeremiah 9:3-16 – They Don’t Know God

Read Jeremiah 9:3-16

black and white image of a man covering his eyes, set against black background

God is illustrating how far his precious children have fallen. The people he describes don’t sound like they would be folks I’d want to hang around with. Who wants to be slandered or taken advantage of? What’s their excuse? “‘They do not know me,’ says the LORD.”

There are plenty of people walking around this planet that don’t know God. There are even people attending church every Sunday who are clueless about God and his character, much less his desire for their life. It’s tragic. Is there something we can do? Our churches should be safe places where we can worship God, hear the Word, and share fellowship with other believers.

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