2 Samuel 23:1-7 – David’s Purpose

Read 2 Samuel 23:1-7

This is a partner poem to the one we just walked through. Here’s an interesting idea. In a commentary I was reading, it suggested that Hannah’s song in 1 Samuel and these two poems of David serve to bracket the story of David and his kingship. Interesting.

We see David introduced here as the son of Jesse, anointed by God, and the “sweet psalmist.” David certainly left his mark on God’s people then and now. What a life David has led! He was certainly multifaceted.

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Joshua 4:10-24 – God is Powerful

Read Joshua 4:10-24

A heart with a plug in

Have you ever meditated on exactly how powerful God is? As our story of crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land comes to a conclusion, we shouldn’t rush past what we just read. We saw God at work in drying up the river so his people could walk across. “He did this so all the nations of the earth might know that the Lord’s hand is powerful, and so you might fear the Lord your God forever.”

Forever is a long time. We are included in the ones who are to know about this. It says “all nations.” How powerful is God? In this instance, he held back the water from flowing. A river during flood season. We’ve probably all seen dams along a river holding back the water. What a mighty spectacle of a contraption needed to keep water cooped up!

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Romans 15:14-22 – Having Purpose

Read Romans 15:14-22

We all want to have a purpose in life. I remember as a teenager sitting at the kitchen table as I often did after everyone had gone to bed. I had my pen and paper. I would write and write, journalling whatever came into my head. Years later I read through those late night scratches and see how I was wrestling with God wondering why he put me on this planet. Have you ever wondered that?

It seems like some people have it all figured out. It’s as if their life has a script or something. Mine hasn’t, and I continue to ask God to show me what his plan is for me. I feel like I have so much more to give. I just want to be clear like Paul on what my mission is. Paul told the Roman church his mission was to make sure the Gentiles who have not heard about Jesus hear about him. Paul’s job is to be a missionary to the Gentiles, to us.

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Psalm 148 – Praise Who?

Read Psalm 148

Praise God! Everything should praise God according to this psalm. It’s not optional. But this requirement should be a no brainer. Why? Because our God is mighty and worthy of our praise. Our God is being praised by the sun and moon, the animals of the field, creatures of the ocean depths, and even the vapors high in the sky. God’s creation should give thanks and praise for its existence!

Do you ever wonder why God created you? I remember writing many journal entries over the years on that very question. Another variation would be “what is my purpose?” Having spent many Bible studies over the years talking about this, and reading Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life” on several occasions, I think I have a good way to sum it up. My purpose is to love and worship God and help others. That is why I was created.

I know that may sound simple. When we live in such a complicated world, it’s hard to accept something this simple. But God had it all planned out. He created this amazing world and everything in it. Then, he wanted a relationship with what he had created. After all, he did say it was “good”.

Relationships are key, and our relationship with God should be our #1 priority. We have been blessed with many relationships, and we know they must be nurtured and fed to grow strong. The same goes for our relationship with God. He wants to hear our praise and our prayers. He longs for conversations with us.

There is one verse here that made me wonder. Verse 12 talks of who should be praising, and after a list of animals, vegetation and weather, he states young men and young women, old men and children.” Do you see who’s missing? Old women! Now I’m sure it was just an oversight, because a just a verse before it says “all people”. After all, we know how much emphasis is put on caring for widows and orphans.

So we know our God is worthy of our praise. This psalm reminds us that we are not alone in praising God. Now we just need to do it. What does your life of praise to God look like? Is it restricted to Sunday mornings? What does your grateful praise look like? We don’t all need to sing and dance. Think on that and how you are honoring God.

Let’s pray. Lord, I thank you for creating me and giving me a vision to live a life of praise to you. I love you and want my life to glorify you. Help me focus on what is important, YOU, and to give you control over the things in my life that are holding me back. Walk with me and shine through me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.