1 Kings 18:20-45 – A Flash from Heaven

Read 1 Kings 18:20-45

swirls of fire that are taking shape of a heart

This is one of those Bible passages that really excites me. I love when the power of God is recognized and applauded. Our previous readings have been building up to this moment of triumph! I almost get giddy with joy at how Ahab and the prophets of Baal must be feeling.

I don’t imagine Elijah will gloat because it was not his power at work. He has to be even more in love with the LORD. If I were him, I would be overcome with the honor and privilege of bringing this message to the Israelites.

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Joshua 6:1-27 – Jericho Falls

Read Joshua 6:1-27

remnants of an ancient wall

What an event! This story sticks with me because as a child I learned a song in Sunday School about it. “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho. Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, and the walls came tumbling down.” Is that familiar to you, too? I remember we’d all dance around in a circle, and then fall down like the walls. I think that’s why I love teaching the Bible using songs. Here’s a cute version to watch.

This would be the first battle in the new land the Israelites were poised to conquer. I’m sure there were plenty of people who wondered if Joshua had lost his mind having them march around the city for six days in a row. But on the seventh day, that’s when the miracle would happen.

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Luke 9:10-17 – Hungry?

Read Luke 9:10-17

Never underestimate the power of God! Period.

I’ve loved this story since I was a child. It may be my first memory of Sunday School. Remember the felt boards? If you’re scratching your head, it was a great way to tell Bible stories. Felt boards, Bible characters, other cutout props for each story. Felt animation!

I can see it playing out, can’t you? The disciples are just back from their mission. You may recall just a few verses before Jesus had sent them out with NOTHING to teach about the Kingdom of God and to heal. Imagine the stories they came back with, eager to share with Jesus their wins! Actually, that would be God’s doing, they were just there. Continue reading “Luke 9:10-17 – Hungry?”

Luke 7:1-17 – Is My Faith Amazing?

Read Luke 7:1-17

We’ve got two stories today with similarities and differences.

Both have a miracle done by Jesus. Both miracles were done to help the less fortunate (a slave and a widow’s only son).

But the differences are many. In the first story Jesus was asked for healing, the second was initiated by Jesus out of his own compassion. One was sick and one was dead. One was done with Jesus present, the other by faith alone. Continue reading “Luke 7:1-17 – Is My Faith Amazing?”