Mark 12:35-37 – Whose Son?

Read Mark 12:35-37

This is an interesting little passage, didn’t you think? Nestled away between all the teachings Jesus is sharing with the people and with his disciples on his final journey toward the cross. This time, Mark tells us the message was proclaimed to the people. We have the honor to be able to hear Jesus’ teaching whether it’s to the “people” or to his closest disciples.

The crowd is delighted. I wondered about that word. Were they delighted just to be in Jesus’ presence? Perhaps they were honored that Jesus had asked them a question. Jesus wanted to know what they thought about a certain teaching of the religious leaders. A teaching about the Messiah, about Jesus himself. It’s always good to know your audience and how they understand such important matters.

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Mark 8:27-30 – Peter Gets It Right

Read Mark 8:27-30

If you had to respond to Jesus that day on the road outside Galilee, how would you describe Jesus? Now think about how you would introduce Jesus to your friends.

I’ve always perplexed over the disciples’ response that some say Jesus was John the Baptist. Followers of John would have heard the message that someone else was coming, far greater than John himself. In fact, it was John’s job to prepare the way for Jesus, not himself.

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