Mark 12:35-37 – Whose Son?

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Read Mark 12:35-37

This is an interesting little passage, didn’t you think? Nestled away between all the teachings Jesus is sharing with the people and with his disciples on his final journey toward the cross. This time, Mark tells us the message was proclaimed to the people. We have the honor to be able to hear Jesus’ teaching whether it’s to the “people” or to his closest disciples.

The crowd is delighted. I wondered about that word. Were they delighted just to be in Jesus’ presence? Perhaps they were honored that Jesus had asked them a question. Jesus wanted to know what they thought about a certain teaching of the religious leaders. A teaching about the Messiah, about Jesus himself. It’s always good to know your audience and how they understand such important matters.

This nugget also shows us how Jesus affirms David’s prophecy. Jesus may question what it means to get the people thinking, but he quotes it. Jesus agrees with the authority of Scripture! The people’s hope in a Messiah coming from David’s line is fueled by many other Scriptural references and prophecies the people would be familiar with.

Knowing who the Messiah is “supposed to be” and then not recognizing him standing before you are contrary thoughts which are hard to grasp. From what Jesus is saying, the question becomes the elephant in the room. Do you think the religious leaders were stuck on formalities and association? How could the Messiah be David’s son and Lord?  

Clearly, the leaders knew the Messiah would be a descendant of King David. But they didn’t connect the dots to know Jesus was the Messiah, or even that Jesus was a descendent of David. God promised David a reign that would have no end. In that way, Jesus was a son of David, just like all the other descendants. But Jesus was special. He was set aside for holiness and power. He would be the king to reign forever. Jesus was the promised deliverer!

Let the majesty of Jesus surround you today. Set aside any feelings of doubt or worry and remember your deliverer is ready to still your heart with peace.

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Let’s pray. Lord, you are my Messiah, the promised redeemer. Thank you for what you have done for me and continue to do for me. I reach out to you and declare your kingship over my life. Lead me into the kingdom purpose you have for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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