Mark 10:46-52 – I Want to See!

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Read Mark 10:46-52

Meet Bartimaeus, the blind beggar from our reading. We don’t often get an introduction by name to those whom Jesus healed. There must have been something special about Bartimaeus that stood out. Forever we will remember Bartimaeus and his bold faith.

What can we learn from Bartimaeus or how Jesus responded to him? Bartimaeus was determined. He knew what he wanted and was insistent. He knew Jesus was the answer. He didn’t let the people trying to keep him quiet win, he only shouted louder. Jesus rewarded this man’s persistence, called out his great faith, and healed him.

Is your faith so bold? If people try to shut you down, do you scream louder that Jesus is Lord? If God doesn’t answer your prayer right away, do you give up and accept “no” as your answer? This text should encourage us to keep on asking, believing that God will respond.

Jesus respected this beggar’s approach and welcomed him. When Jesus asked him what he wanted, the man clearly articulated his desire. Jesus saw the man’s fervor and yearning to see. Beyond the healing, Jesus had a new follower.

This text is an invitation for all to see Jesus for who he is. How would you respond if Jesus asked you, “What do you want me to do for you?” Take some time to think about that.

Would you be ready with an answer? Would you faithfully stand by expecting Jesus to respond? Would you follow him more closely when he answered your prayer?

This will be Jesus’ last healing miracle in Mark’s gospel. What a powerful example of God’s love and mercy. Take some time today to reflect on how Jesus is working in your life, bringing healing and restoration to you.

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Let’s pray. Lord, I want to see you more clearly. Thank you for revealing yourself to me each day. I love seeing your hand at work in the lives of those around me. You know the desires of my heart. I am waiting in anticipation for your response. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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