Matthew 12:1-14 – It’s the Sabbath

Read Matthew 12:1-14

What do you do on your Sabbath? I can’t say that I’ve never worked on a Sabbath. There are meals to prepare and shopping to be done. But I am definitely more intentional about spending quiet time with God. I rest my mind and soul as well to prepare for the week to come. David and I even have a “meeting” to discuss our goals and set priorities for the week. That activity alone brings me peace.

I’m not sure I could be as legalistic as the Pharisees. The disciples were hungry. Snapping off wheat while walking along is certainly not what I would consider “harvesting.” Sure, a few grains were gone, “harvested”, but it was to satisfy the human need of hunger. Didn’t you like Jesus’ response? He brought up the example of David and his men, eating the priest’s bread. That would certainly be a no-no, and yet he got away with it.

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Matthew 9:18-34 – Faith Healing

Read Matthew 9:18-34

Do you need faith to be healed? It seems to be a common theme here. A couple of readings ago it was the faith of friends that healed the man with a mat. Today, the synagogue leader displayed great faith. He knew Jesus could bring his dear daughter back to life. Jesus has done many miraculous things, but we don’t hear of him raising people from the dead all that regularly. This leader’s faith was there despite not having seen an eyewitness account.

And what did you think about the woman who merely touched his clothes? That was crazy faith to think she could be healed without a touch from Jesus. But she was healed, and Jesus knew that his power had been called upon. He recognized her great faith and she was healed on the spot.

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Matthew 9:1-8 – What Good Friends!

Read Matthew 9:1-8

Friends like that are a treasure. The life of the paralyzed man changed that day in a big way because of his friends. You might wonder what happened before the men carried their friend to Jesus. Perhaps the paralyzed man had never seen Jesus healing other people because he wasnโ€™t able to get around. Would he have doubted his friends who obviously had seen Jesusโ€™ miraculous work? They were sure that Jesus could help their friend. Jesus could see their faith.

Then it got a little dicey. Jesus simply said to the man, โ€œTake heart, your sins are forgiven.โ€ Well, that would have been quite a statement. God is the only one who can forgive sins. Who did Jesus think he was? The teachers of the law in the crowd were mumbling among themselves. Jesus knew their hearts, too. He called it out almost as quickly as their opposition began to grow.

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Matthew 8:14-17 – Be Healed!

Read Matthew 8:14-17

This passage has always made me smile. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Jesus’ intention to be fed when he stopped by Peter’s house. But it was a divine appointment. We aren’t told how long Peter’s mom had been bed-ridden. We aren’t told if Peter asked Jesus to come help. Peter would have witnessed Jesus healing people. Do you think he asked for his own mom’s healing?

Jesus didn’t have to be asked. He simply touched her hand. His healing touch was instantaneous. Being a good Jewish mother, she would have been on the ready to make her guests feel welcome. What better way than with food. Her illness was now a distant memory.

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Matthew 8:5-13 – Faithfulness

Read Matthew 8:5-13

What surprised you about today’s reading? Was it that a Roman officer approached Jesus for help? Was it that a Roman soldier surprised Jesus with his faith? Was it that a child was healed without Jesus even being present? This story is full of amazing details like that.

It is a story of faith. Bold, unquestioning faith. The officer knew that Jesus had power. Because of the power he had in his line of work, he knew what it was to give an order and have it be accomplished. This Roman officer transferred this knowledge and knew that Jesus’ power could heal his child. Jesus was so powerful that his word from afar would do the trick. That is a great example of faithfulness!

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