2 Peter 3:14-18 -Growing in Grace

Read 2 Peter 3:14-18

I really like the Peter character as he’s being portrayed in the television series, “The Chosen.” Angel Studios has done a marvelous job of casting and creating historically possible back-stories to draw us in and touch our lives. I can relate to Peter, so as I read his closing today, I couldn’t help but picture that character. Sometimes having a visual can be helpful, especially if you’re a visual learner like me!

I get the feeling that Peter could go on and on about the dangers we’ll face as followers of Christ. He would have had personal knowledge of what it was like. But he lived in the world immediately after Jesus’ death and resurrection. There are a lot of similarities still present today. Thankfully, we can apply Peter’s wisdom to what we see happening in the world around us.

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2 Peter 3:1-7 – Last Days

Read 2 Peter 3:1-7

Peter believed this “last days” discussion to be of utmost importance for us moving forward in faith. He isn’t discussing the “when” or “how” the last days will take place but tells of a sign we can expect. We may even be seeing good examples of Peter’s description today. He said, to expect people to be “mocking the truth and following their own desires.” You can’t turn on a news program or read news on the internet without seeing some group or individual challenging Christians and mocking the truth on which we stand. And with such a self-seeking society, people regularly follow their own desires seeking to “be happy” or to live “their” truth.

The truth Christians profess is Jesus, the Word made flesh. We know there is no other truth, yet we stand by and let other people do their “own thing” in the guise of “freedom.” Certainly, we expect the same courtesy to be able to speak the truth about Jesus, without being criticized or marginalized. Sadly, many Christ-followers keep quiet out of fear because we do take the heat for trusting Jesus.

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2 Peter 1:12-21 – Pay Attention to Scripture

Read 2 Peter 1:12-21

Peter gets intimate with us here, reminding us of what’s important. Revealing his passion from having spent time with the Messiah himself, Peter shares a glimpse of what it must have been like. Peter knew he wouldn’t live forever and had to make sure he left his own legacy of faith for us to find.

Have you ever had an experience in life that you recall in perfect clarity and detail, as if it just happened a minute ago? Jesus’ transfiguration was like that for Peter. You can’t un-see something so magnificent. You wouldn’t want to. You only feel limited by the language we have to describe things. Seeing Jesus’ sparkling body and hearing God’s voice would certainly have rocked me to my core!

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1 Peter 2:1-10 – Living Stones

Read 1 Peter 2:1-10

It’s all about representing Jesus well. We just heard in our last reading about holy living, and now we learn we’re to be living stones! To get ready for that, Peter begins by commanding a cleanse. He knew firsthand how easily it was to fall prey to the world and let fear or doubt take control. You may even say things you don’t mean! Peter calls us to be real and not fake.

What does a living stone do? What are our job requirements? Peter was a living stone, building his life on the truth of Jesus Christ. What did Peter do? He told people about Jesus. Peter describes us as: “You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession.” There’s that bit about being holy again. Peter wants for us to be holy because that’s what Jesus wants for us. His kingdom is being populated with royal priests who are holy!

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1 Peter 1:13-25 – Holy Living

Read 1 Peter 1:13-25

Who said we are born without an instruction manual? Once we’re born again and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the Bible is the only reference we need for life. Peter’s counsel here is brilliant to point us to the truth found in scripture when figuring out what being holy is all about.

Our reading starts with a call to action by Peter. He wants us to pay attention. The words that follow are just that important. Peter opened his letter (see our last two readings) by reminding us of our salvation and God’s sovereignty. This section shows us our response, what to do with that gift. Be holy.

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