Amos 9:11-15 – Restored!

Read Amos 9:11-15

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Is there something you’re struggling with right now that you pray God will restore for you? Maybe it’s a relationship, maybe it’s a bank account, maybe it’s to ignite your faith. Whatever it is for you, imagine that it has been accomplished. The restoration has taken place.

The hope we read about in today’s reading speaks of a restoration that was prophesied about and then actually happened. God’s promise to rebuild is meant to give the Israelites hope. Even though they have had a hard time believing they are in for some disciplinary destruction, at least they will have these words to rest upon when they find themselves stuck in exile, feeling abandoned and alone.

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Amos 9:1-10 – All Escape Routes Closed

Read Amos 9:1-10

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We have the fifth and final vision Amos records for us. This one is special because of God’s presence seen by Amos at the altar. There are very few people who have seen God, so Amos is immediately set apart as belonging to a special class of God’s ambassadors. We can also be ambassadors for God in our own circles and beyond. What does that look like for you?

In this intimate encounter, God confirms all of the messages he has already given Amos. This vision is thought to be one Amos received at a time later than the other visions. Take a moment to just let these words settle. “Then I saw a vision of the Lord standing beside the altar.” Seeing God is an honor I can only imagine having. How will it feel?

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Hosea 1-3 💙 A Picture of Forgiveness

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Today’s reading is longer than most. The story is a powerful example to bring to life the theme of “Salvation, Forgiveness, and New Life.” I encourage you to read the following text with that lens. What is God’s message to you today in terms of this theme?

Read Hosea 1-3

I am impressed with Hosea’s faithfulness in the first place. We don’t hear how he had to set his own feelings aside as he watched his wife get pregnant time after time. But the story Hosea’s life tells is very significant for the people of Israel.

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