1 Kings 8:1-13 – In the Presence of the Ark

Read 1 Kings 8:1-13

Ark of the covenant replica

In Chapter 8, we hit a high point of what has been building, not just the temple itself but the anticipation of having a temple. Solomon was anticipating how the temple would be used to honor God while being an honorable place for God to reside with the people. Of course, the Ark would need to be transported!

As we read this chapter, keep in mind how it sets up a great reminder for us in how we understand the whole book! You might want to return often to remember the “roots” Solomon established, or attempted to establish. The intentions for the temple were honorable, respectful, and showed King Solomon wanted to not only please God but also shine on the legacy left by his father, King David.

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1 Kings 7:1-51 – A Snapshot of History

Read 1 Kings 7:1-51

Snapshots of children smiling - the old Poloroid black and white type

I remember when the Titanic movie came out. It was during a real pivotal time in my life as a single mom. But I remember enjoying the rendering of a magnificent ship, despite knowing the future and fate in store. Such grandeur to be lost at the bottom of the sea.

So, too, the splendor of Solomon’s temple, palace, and other buildings. How beautiful to capture the elegance, the detail, and the intense labor needed to build such a lavish place for God and the king to reside.

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1 Kings 6:14-38 – Majestically Golden

Read 1 Kings 6:14-38

golden wings

What a majestic temple Solomon built! I was picturing the beautiful wood panels and carvings, just imagining how rich it would smell. Then along came the gold overlays. Was anything not covered in gold? Overlay is not the same as “pure” gold. I understand it is more of a sheet of gold. But it’s still gold.

Why did Solomon cover everything? I suppose partly to impress with the workmanship but also to reflect royalty with the gold. This was God’s temple after all. Nothing but the best! Solomon wanted to give God a home that was not only built well but that was beautifully decorated.

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