1 Kings 6:14-38 – Majestically Golden

Read 1 Kings 6:14-38

golden wings

What a majestic temple Solomon built! I was picturing the beautiful wood panels and carvings, just imagining how rich it would smell. Then along came the gold overlays. Was anything not covered in gold? Overlay is not the same as “pure” gold. I understand it is more of a sheet of gold. But it’s still gold.

Why did Solomon cover everything? I suppose partly to impress with the workmanship but also to reflect royalty with the gold. This was God’s temple after all. Nothing but the best! Solomon wanted to give God a home that was not only built well but that was beautifully decorated.

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Isaiah 40:12-31 – Wait on the Lord

Read Isaiah 40:12-31

I don’t know about you, but as I read through this passage, I couldn’t help but hear the tune to praise song, “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin. There is a fancy word for what we see happening here. It’s a disputation. In other words, it’s a debate or argument, and in this case, an argument that demonstrates the greatness of God. You see, the people who were living in captivity, hearing these words of comfort, needed to be reassured and reacquainted with their LORD. Their trust had to be rebuilt.

Think of a time when you were going through a difficult time. If someone had told you not to worry, that it was all going to turn out all right, would you have believed them? It would depend on who it was and how much you trusted that individual. These verses are helping reestablish the trust and relationship that had probably been damaged or may not even exist in the first place.

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