Hosea 2:2-23 – Sin, Judge, Restore

Read Hosea 2:2-23

The comparison or relationship between the identity of Gomer and Israel continues. I really struggled with this passage and what it might be saying to me today. There was so much emphasis on the bad things being done against Gomer/Israel. Very harsh, didn’t you think?

Here are a few examples: left to die of thirst, strip naked in public, etc. It would be easy to feel sorry for Gomer/Israel, but what we’re seeing is a husband distraught with hurt and pain. Israel has turned away, and the good things provided are being sacrificed to a non-existent God. Do we do the same thing today? Do we waste the precious gifts God has given us?

After judgment and discipline we see hope revealed toward the end of the passage. We need not feel abandoned. God may allow us to struggle but only for a teachable moment. He is there all the time, cheering us on, waiting for us to return to him. He longs for us to say, “YOU ARE MY GOD”! Our only hope is in the Lord!

God’s love for Israel (and for us) is never-ending. He can’t stay mad forever, his love is too strong. But the punishment is necessary lest a lesson not be learned. It is at the end of this chapter that Hosea’s children are renamed to be their positive counterpart.

We have a choice who we spend time with. Do you long to spend time with God? If your devotion time is in the morning, do your bed sheets often win one more snooze. Did you stay up too late last night and want just 10 more minutes? That’s 10 minutes you just cheated God. I know I’ve done it, and the truth stings. 

We have a choice and should be more mindful of who we spend time with, what we make a priority in our lives.  Wake up!  God is waiting for us!

Let’s pray. Lord, forgive me when my attention is not fully on you. I know those are times I struggle with weakness and uncertainty. Help me to stay focused on you and invite you into each conversation, decision, and event in my day. I don’t want to be disobedient like the wife in today’s story. I choose you, God, to be ruler of my life. I trust you for my salvation and know that this is the right choice. Thank you for the reminders and the disciplines you provide to keep me on track. Lord bless those who don’t yet make you a priority. I pray for them to see and know that you are the truth, the way and the life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Psalm 130 – My Hope is in the Lord

Read Psalm 130

This psalmist has the right focus. He is “counting” on the Lord (verse 5). In other translations this is “waiting” on the Lord. I see a difference in meaning, ever so slight, between “counting on” and “waiting on”.

I can wait for things, and sometimes those things don’t happen. When I count on something, I am expecting it to happen, sure that it will when the time is right.

Neither interpretation of this passage is incorrect. The bottom line is that we put our hope in the Lord. We can wait on or we can count on him, no matter, he will act.

Have there been times in your life when it seems like all you do is wait for something? How does it feel? Maybe you could describe it as a nagging sensation that overshadows everything you do. When the anticipated event happens, how do you feel – relieved, ecstatic, both?

There will be times in our walk of faith that we have to wait on God. The important thing here is to stay steadfast and trust. We need to put our hope in God – it’s the best (and only) place to put our hope. He will never leave of forsake us. He may just not answer as quickly as we would like. We remember he is the holy one. He is the all knowing creator.

Let’s pray. Father you are holding me and my life in your hands. I thank you that I am safe and secure. I have no fear only trust in you that you will reveal yourself to me and use me in a way that fits perfectly for me. I thank you for all of the opportunities you place before me. May my life reflect you always. I want to be all in for you God. May the hope I have in you be the same hope that others grasp on to. Your precious word is there to guide and protect. May we listen and obey. In Jesus’ name. Amen.