Ruth 2:14-23 – The Family Redeemer

Read Ruth 2:14-23

Ruth had certainly found a wonderful place to be included. Boaz had apparently taken an interest in her having realized who she was. Ruth didn’t know the connection, and her willingness to work hard and be grateful was very pleasing to Boaz I’m sure.  This working relationship appears to have continued beyond this first day to include a whole harvest season. That would be good news for Naomi and Ruth.

Have you ever found yourself in a new situation? Perhaps you have felt unsure of yourself at some time in your life. I think of my first day on a new job. Everything is new. There is so much to learn, people to meet. There is a rush of excitement, too, at the chance for a new beginning. Think back to a time when everything was new and different. You may even remember a little fear thrown in. Fear of the unknown can often cripple us.

David and I have been working through some mindset shifts in our business. I have been learning a new exercise of picturing myself in my future. I am imagining a future where I am helping more people and making a bigger difference in the world. It’s an exciting place to be. I can’t let the fear of uncertainty hold me back and limit me from getting where I’m going. To stay in the “comfortable” will not serve me or others. That’s a huge mindset shift for me. I am exhilarated to embrace it.

Ruth must have been a dreamer, too. She was picturing her future self being successful in her new home. Naomi was very pleased with Ruth and how she was finding her way in her new town. God’s hand was guiding her as well, having brought Ruth into the presence of the family redeemer, Boaz. God was rewarding their faithfulness.

The role of a family redeemer was to rescue other family members from slavery or harsh circumstances. If there was property to buy back, the redeemer would help with that. A great example of family taking care of family. We have heard the word “redeemer” as it refers to Jesus  Christ. He is the redeemer for the world. His death on the cross was the price he paid for you and me. Jesus rescued us from our failures, our sins, our bleak reality. We now have hope and a future because of how Jesus has redeemed us.

We’ll see that Ruth was very respectful of Boaz, her redeemer. She worked hard and never took his generosity for granted. We, too, should have a grateful heart when we acknowledge what God has done for us. Do we take his love for granted? How are we showing our gratefulness?

Let’s pray. Father God, I come to you with gratefulness and humility. I realize there are so many blessings in my life and they are all there because of you and your provision. May I be a good steward with all that you have entrusted to me. Fill me and energize me today to be ready for all the encounters you have in store for me. Use me and my words to be a blessing to others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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