Ruth 2:14-23 – The Family Redeemer

Read Ruth 2:14-23

Ruth had certainly found a wonderful place to be included. Boaz had apparently taken an interest in her having realized who she was. Ruth didn’t know the connection, and her willingness to work hard and be grateful was very pleasing to Boaz I’m sure.  This working relationship appears to have continued beyond this first day to include a whole harvest season. That would be good news for Naomi and Ruth.

Have you ever found yourself in a new situation? Perhaps you have felt unsure of yourself at some time in your life. I think of my first day on a new job. Everything is new. There is so much to learn, people to meet. There is a rush of excitement, too, at the chance for a new beginning. Think back to a time when everything was new and different. You may even remember a little fear thrown in. Fear of the unknown can often cripple us. Continue reading “Ruth 2:14-23 – The Family Redeemer”


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