Ruth 4:13-22 – Happily Ever After

Read Ruth 4:13-22

What a happy ending, and it was just as God had intended. God used a woman who otherwise would have been off the radar for the Hebrew culture. Ruth was a Moabite who had married a man from the area of Bethlehem. But he had died before leaving an heir for his property. Ruth has shown her bravery in moving to a foreign land and devotion to her dead husband’s mother. Not everyone would do that.  Would you leave everything familiar behind?

I wonder what prompted Ruth to stay with Naomi. Orpah, the other daughter-in-law opted to stay behind in their home country. She probably found another husband and her future took a different direction. Did the two ever keep in touch? Continue reading “Ruth 4:13-22 – Happily Ever After”

Ruth 4:1-12 – The Deal

Read Ruth 4:1-12

Boaz was true to his word and put himself in the place where he was likely to find the “first” redeemer. That is something I would do, too. If I wanted to meet up with someone, I would think about where they would go and then go there. Like groups on Facebook. There are so many cool ways to meet people these days, even people we don’t yet know. We just know where we want to hang out and go there to see who else we might find.

This whole redeemer process is really quite fascinating, don’t you think? I love how Boaz led with the property deal. Naomi would be selling her property because it was likely too much to handle on her own. I was just a little curious why her husband didn’t sell before he left for Moab. Who did he have tending to it in his absence? Just a little detail that really doesn’t matter. Continue reading “Ruth 4:1-12 – The Deal”

Ruth 3:14-18 – Hard to Wait

Read Ruth 3:14-18

Now we wait. Ruth has had her encounter with her prospective redeemer. He has sent her on her way with a good share of barley to keep her and Naomi well satisfied. Do you think Naomi stayed up waiting for Ruth to come home like an expectant parent waiting for a child to return from a date or the prom, or some other big event?

What do you think  Ruth was feeling? Was she a tad excited to know that her future would soon be revealed to her–at least in terms of her future husband. Either it would be the man she had come to know and trust by working diligently in his field or some other relative who had graciously stepped up to the plate to care for her and redeem her. It’s all so different from what we experience in our culture today. But waiting is waiting. Continue reading “Ruth 3:14-18 – Hard to Wait”

Ruth 3:1-13 – Surprise!

Read Ruth 3:1-13

What do we learn from Ruth today? Obedience. She follows Naomi’s instructions as well as Boaz’s. There is a lot going on in this passage we don’t want to overlook. It may help us get a good picture of the setting as well as gain an understanding of some of the “hidden” gems here.

It’s harvest time and the threshing process is often overseen by the owner, it’s that important. That’s why we find Boaz sleeping in the middle of the harvest field instead of his own bed. Naomi would be familiar with the process. That’s why she wanted Ruth to dress up all pretty and be there for Boaz to find. It was time for Ruth to move on and find love or at least a husband to take care of her. Continue reading “Ruth 3:1-13 – Surprise!”

Ruth 2:14-23 – The Family Redeemer

Read Ruth 2:14-23

Ruth had certainly found a wonderful place to be included. Boaz had apparently taken an interest in her having realized who she was. Ruth didn’t know the connection, and her willingness to work hard and be grateful was very pleasing to Boaz I’m sure.  This working relationship appears to have continued beyond this first day to include a whole harvest season. That would be good news for Naomi and Ruth.

Have you ever found yourself in a new situation? Perhaps you have felt unsure of yourself at some time in your life. I think of my first day on a new job. Everything is new. There is so much to learn, people to meet. There is a rush of excitement, too, at the chance for a new beginning. Think back to a time when everything was new and different. You may even remember a little fear thrown in. Fear of the unknown can often cripple us. Continue reading “Ruth 2:14-23 – The Family Redeemer”


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