Revelation 7:1-17 – The Redeemed

Read Revelation 7:1-17

What a sharp contrast in today’s reading. Yesterday was doom and gloom, today is hope of salvation. We are witness to a festive scene in heaven once again! I thought it was interesting that one of the 24 asked John who all the people were. John’s response was priceless. Sir, you are the one who knows.” It was almost as if it were a trick question. I know what it’s like to be asked a question I don’t know the answer to but what should be obvious to the one asking!

This abrupt shift is like putting a movie on pause. It had to happen. We needed to halt the momentum of the fiery judgments of God brought by the horsemen in our last reading. Time was needed to make sure the faithful on earth could be marked “safe” before the full unleashing of God’s wrath. It speaks to me that God is always looking out for our best interests and will make sure we have what we need to stand strong in times of adversity.

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Ruth 4:1-12 – The Deal

Read Ruth 4:1-12

Boaz was true to his word and put himself in the place where he was likely to find the “first” redeemer. That is something I would do, too. If I wanted to meet up with someone, I would think about where they would go and then go there. Like groups on Facebook. There are so many cool ways to meet people these days, even people we don’t yet know. We just know where we want to hang out and go there to see who else we might find.

This whole redeemer process is really quite fascinating, don’t you think? I love how Boaz led with the property deal. Naomi would be selling her property because it was likely too much to handle on her own. I was just a little curious why her husband didn’t sell before he left for Moab. Who did he have tending to it in his absence? Just a little detail that really doesn’t matter. Continue reading “Ruth 4:1-12 – The Deal”


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