Jeremiah 14:19-22 – When God is Silent

Read Jeremiah 14:19-22

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God doesn’t respond here to Jeremiah’s cry for answers. What do you make of his non-response? Does God assume that by now Jeremiah would understand what is coming? Perhaps Jeremiah didn’t expect the timeline of events to be happening so soon. Perhaps Jeremiah still hoped God would change his mind.

How do you behave when you’re waiting for God to answer your prayers? Are you patient or persistent? Sometimes I feel like a broken record repeating the same prayers over and over. In that way I’m persistent, but I can’t say I’m all that patient.

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2 Samuel 3:22-30 – When You Don’t Know the Whole Story

Read 2 Samuel 3:22-30

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Joab had no way of knowing what David and Abner had just agreed to. Even if he had, would that have kept him from seeking to avenge his own brother’s death? Joab was blinded by his own anger, hurt, and grief.

Joab was sure Abner’s intentions were not good. He exclaimed to David, “You know perfectly well that he came to spy on you and find out everything you’re doing!” We will never know if Joab’s belief had any merit. Abner is dead.

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