2 Chronicles 7:11-22 – The LORD Responds

Read 2 Chronicles 7:11-22

When the LORD himself speaks, we should all listen. Even if this message was to Solomon, as believers the message is also for us. Time and space won’t change the fact God wants our obedience and trust. When you think of it, is that really too much to ask considering all the LORD has done for us?

God speaks of the future without telling Solomon he was painting a picture of their destiny. From the droughts and plagues the LORD promised to send to the destruction of this glorious temple, the LORD laid it out there plainly for Solomon’s benefit.

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2 Chronicles 7:1-10 – A Dedication to Remember

Read 2 Chronicles 7:1-10

In our last two readings, we’ve had a front row seat to witness Solomon’s praise and prayer. We can almost picture ourselves there amidst the festivities. This reading concludes the dedication of the newly constructed temple. For seven days, the people sacrificed and celebrated the Lord’s presence in the temple along with the Festival of Shelters.

What a high point in the history of God’s people. Clearly, all can recognize God’s hand at work among them. The fire shot down from heaven burning up all the sacrifices was quite spectacular. But witnessing the glorious presence of God filling the temple must have left the people speechless.

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2 Chronicles 6:12-42 – Solomon’s Prayer

Read 2 Chronicles 6:12-42

Solomon mentioned us in his prayer! Somehow Solomon knew, in all his wisdom, that one day all people of the earth would come to know the one true God. Those that are wise enough to see the truth and sort through all the lies of the world using God’s word as a guide have head start.

In his prayer, Solomon speaks of promises, and justice, and forgiveness. It’s like Solomon was pleading our case before God centuries ago. What a timeless prayer! Solomon shows such honor by giving tribute to God as he does. We can glean so much wisdom from Solomon at this stage in his life.

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2 Chronicles 6:1-11 – Praise to the Lord!

Read 2 Chronicles 6:1-11

I love how the Bible uses speeches like Solomon’s to testify to God’s movement among the people. Each time we recall what God has done and share that with others, we reveal God’s character to those who many not otherwise understand.

There may have been people present that day who didn’t realize what the LORD’s promise to David had been. Solomon was “catching them up,” so they would know that the construction of the temple was not just something Solomon arranged on a whim. The temple had been the desire of his father, David. Now that construction was complete, that dream was realized at last, and Solomon gave God the credit.

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2 Chronicles 5:2-14 – The Ark Arrives

Read 2 Chronicles 5:2-14

It’s passages like this that make even my heart sing! The palpability of worship truly inspires. We know moving the Ark of the Covenant is serious business to be done in just the right way prescribed by God. Rather than fear, the people rejoiced.

With the temple construction complete, it was time to move God’s presence back in. Only after the arrival of the Ark could the temple be truly finished. The work King David had initiated was fulfilled. In readings to follow, Solomon will pray and dedicate the space. For now, we’ll focus on worship!

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