Revelation 12:1-18 – Angel Battle

Read Revelation 12:1-18

Today’s reading could be out of one of the popular super hero movies of our day. Can’t you just picture all the special effects?! And if you were in John’s time, you might be thinking more along the lines of the dragon, Python who was chasing Leto, the mother of Apollo. The images in today’s reading open up Act 2 of Revelation. We saw Act 1 conclude as Chapter 11 came to a magnificent conclusion with victory! Today we see how the battle between good and evil has been ongoing. We might even think our reading today as a flashback.

It’s helpful to keep in mind Revelation does not exist on a time line. We are to glean wisdom to prepare ourselves for our own battles with evil. When you read today’s passage, did you see the virgin Mary as the pregnant woman? She was certainly blessed among women. The nativity looks a lot different in this account, a totally different representation of the incarnation. It’s like a behind the scenes glimpse of what happened when God took on flesh as an infant. There was a war in heaven going on.

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Acts 28:1-10 – Hand of Protection

Read Acts 28:1-10

For being a prisoner, Paul seems to get along pretty well. He doesn’t have total freedom, but I don’t get the impression he’s in shackles or chains. I loved the snake bite story. The people jumped to conclusions that justice would prevail – death for his bad deeds. But miraculously God saved him again.

This just goes to show us how God’s hand of protection was on Paul’s life to complete the purpose he had for Paul. That same hand of protection is on our life, too. This brings to mind people who are killed by accident or in a mass tragedy. You might ask if their missions were complete or if God is now moving on to plan B to make something good out of the tragedy.  Continue reading “Acts 28:1-10 – Hand of Protection”

Acts 27:13-26 – Stormy Seas

Read Acts 27:13-16

We have all had “I told you so”  moments in our lives. I’m sure one, in particular, sped through your mind as you read today’s reading. I know one did for me. However, Paul’s message was not to condemn but to comfort. Again, Paul’s integrity and leadership shine through the darkness of the moment.

When we are going through the storms of life, it is sometimes hard to focus on anything good. When we are lost in the moment of despair, there is nothing anyone can say that is going to lift us up. I wonder how it was for Paul’s shipmates. They had been frantically doing things to keep themselves safe–as if they had control.  Continue reading “Acts 27:13-26 – Stormy Seas”