Micah 4:1-5 – The Last Days

Read Micah 4:1-5

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Talk about dramatic impact in this transition! Micah places these verses, which are almost identical to verses in Isaiah 2, right here after speaking of the destruction of Jerusalem. We know that Isaiah and Micah are contemporaries speaking to the same audience. Did God choose to give them both the same message, or do you think Micah is quoting Isaiah? Micah doesn’t say.

We have clearly jumped far into the future when God will reign over all. The people of Judah see indication of a bright future as Micah designates Jerusalem. Do you think the people could fully grasp what this meant having not experienced the exile yet?  

We read, “in the last days.” What does that even mean? Does that mean when Jesus returns, the world is judged, and the New Jerusalem is ushered in? I’m looking forward to that day myself, how about you? I don’t want to rush my life along, but I see more and more people wandering off the narrow road to salvation, and I’ll miss them if they stray too far and can’t find their way back!

God didn’t just give this last days message to Micah and Isaiah. For additional reading and reflection, take a look at Jeremiah 16:14-15, Joel 3:1, Zechariah 14:9-11, Malachi 3:17-18, Revelation 19-22.

I’m quite certain the last days referred to haven’t occurred yet. Why? Because I can’t recall a time when nations turned in their weapons and got along for more than a short period of time. I can’t imagine a world without the need for military strength protecting our nation. I can’t imagine living a life without fear.

Fear is a biggie. Whether we call it fear or worry, dread, or even concern, our days are consumed by it. Not every day, but we’d be silly to ignore the danger signs in our world today. If we didn’t have at least some concern over our future, or that of our grandchildren, we might stagnate in our “going through the motions” way of life.

Are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut of “rinse and repeat?” Does each day feel pretty much like the same routine without a lot of movement forward in your relationship with God? Do days go by that you miss your quiet time? Maybe you’re just in a rush to get on to the next item on your agenda that you don’t stop and listen for God. I called my blog “Be Still” for a reason!

This future day sounds quite appealing, especially in light of the conflicts we see causing havoc today. Lives are being lost, property being destroyed, and people being yanked away from any meaningful faith. We can certainly look forward to these promises just like those who have read these words since they were first shared.

The truth that rang out to me today was simply this. “We will follow the LORD our God forever and ever.” That’s a mindset shift we should all take. When we are following the LORD, we’ve got it made. He’s already provided the answers we’re going to need. All we have to do is ask the Spirit to reveal truth in the Scripture passages we read. Surrounding ourselves with other believers is also helpful when need help in navigating God’s word.

Are you ready for the last days to be here? Why or why not?

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Let’s pray. Lord, I thank you for the confidence you have given me in the assurance that you’ve got my back. I trust you for your protection and provision. I am dedicating myself to you and your service. Equip me for the mission you have placed in my heart. I am so grateful for every opportunity you provide. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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