Luke 8:40-56 – Just Sleeping

Read Luke 8:40-56

Jesus is at it again, teaching and healing. Oh, to have been in his circle of close followers to see all of these things up close and personal. Do you ever wonder what was going through their minds? Did they ever imagine in their wildest dreams they would be part of Biblical history?

Here we see a day in the life of Jesus, and now he’s back on the Jewish side of the lake. People had been waiting for him. Particularly two people, the woman who was bleeding and Jairus. They didn’t waste any time in pleading their case, each in a different manner, each with a different need.

Think a moment about how astounding the faith of this woman was. She was truly someone who had suffered for a long time and was ready to be healed. Sometimes people get comfortable in their weakness and fear what life will be like if the affliction is indeed gone. This woman’s desire was strong, and her faith in Jesus was also strong. She trusted that all she needed to do was touch his garment (there is some historical significance here as well).

Wasn’t it cool that Jesus immediately knew someone had sought him and been healed? He felt the healing power go out of him.

Jesus was pleased to have helped someone and publicly affirmed her. It was her faith that had saved her. She knew that simply touching his garment would align her with him and his healing power. It sounds like she wanted to do this discreetly, however. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Do we keep our faith secret? Do we want the benefits of being a follower but not want to proclaim it to the world?

All the while, Jairus had been standing by knowing his daughter was dying. If you have ever lost a child, which I have not, I understand it is the worst thing ever. The panic, the fear, the utter desperation Jairus must have been feeling. He was sure Jesus was the answer.

When everyone had seemed to give up, declaring the child was dead, Jesus knew better. Whether or not she was sleeping or dead, at the sound of Jesus’ voice she arose and was fed. The wailing turned to rejoicing. The feelings of relief and gratitude would have been overwhelming to the family, especially the parents. Why would Jesus insist that they tell no one?

Are we sleeping in our faith? Do we need to hear Jesus’ voice to wake us up? Take some time today to just rest in Jesus’ presence. Ask him to speak to you, then be quiet and listen.

Let’s pray. Thank you, Lord, for the wakeup call today. Forgive me for not being as attentive to you as I should. I hear you knocking on the door of my heart, and I open it with my arms wide open. Fill me this day with the confidence and boldness to make an impact on the lives around me. Thank you for how you are working in my life. May my focus be crystal clear and not muffled by the voices of the world. I am on a mission for you, God, as you have called. Ignite my passion. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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