2 Samuel 22:29-51 – God is Good

Read 2 Samuel 22:29-51

Circle with the words: "God is good all the time" set off with hearts in fancy script

This is a great passage to read when we want to be reminded of exactly how “good” God is. When we spend time with these images, how can we help but want to give glory to God. Sing his praises, rejoice, and be glad!

David does a great job of bringing this interlude to a close by magnifying God and his attributes. We can think of God as the lamp that lights our way, a shield to protect us, or a strong fortress to give us strength. Now that is good stuff!

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2 Samuel 22:21-28 – Our Reward

Read 2 Samuel 22:21-28

golden trophy with light shining on it against red backdrop with lots of arrows pointing upward

We know that our salvation does not come from anything we do, but what God does. But that doesn’t mean that we’re never rewarded for our behavior this side of heaven. The poetry of David’s song here calls that out!

“The Lord rewarded me for doing right; he restored me because of my innocence.” Despite the human failings we’ve seen David experience, he has sought after God and God’s will for his life. Seeing his own weakness and sinfulness helps us come to grips with our own. God will use even us, imperfect and all!

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2 Samuel 22:8-20 – Rescued!

Read 2 Samuel 22:8-20

life saver ring hanging on a brick wall

What a great vision of being rescued by God the Father on high! I had to read it a couple times just to soak in all the great beauty of God’s intentions for David, His people, and for us. While this is part of David’s song, this same God rescues us on a regular basis. How do we respond to that grace and mercy?

For David, his gift of song and music was his go-to response. This vision starts with seeing an angry God who is coming to earth. The symbolic language refers to a bold and public display of God’s power.

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2 Samuel 22:1-7 – Who is The Lord?

Read 2 Samuel 22:1-7

David’s poetry calls it out beautifully. This poem is another piece or feature of these concluding chapters. It’s hard to say when it was written, but it certainly honors God. Fun fact: much of this song is also found in Psalm 18.

Who does David see the Lord to be? What wonderful images David gives us of the Lord being his rock of protection, fortress, savior, shield, place of safety, refuge, and warrior. Let’s take a look at a few of these for our own purposes. When we think of God’s glory and awesomeness, which of these descriptors fit for you? For me, I most resonate with savior, refuge, and warrior.

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2 Samuel 21:15-22 – Battling Our Giants

Read 2 Samuel 21:15-22

Battle between David and Goliath

These battles with the Philistines are likely to have happened at various times during David’s reign. Where they fall in the scheme of things doesn’t seem to be important. What then does killing giants have to do with the story?

This collection of stories is known by scholars to be a “list” of importance. Each account identifies itself as “another battle.” The common theme is the destruction of a descendent of the giants. It’s like they did a big sort of the stories and gathered these four into one group.

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