2 Chronicles 2:11-18 – A King’s Reply

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Read 2 Chronicles 2:11-18

King Solomon has now received King Hiram’s response to the letter we were privy to in the last reading. We learn a few things of note in Hiram’s letter of reply. What did you notice?

First and foremost, we learn that King Hiram has great respect for the God of Israel. Generally speaking, the people of Tyre were not Israelites and they did not worship God. They had many gods distracting them from the truth. Yet, King Hiram says very affirming things about our God. He actually shows a lot more reverence than most non-believers today.

I’m intrigued when someone shows that kind of respect when they are not a believer. God can use anybody, not just believers. Clearly, King Hiram plays a key role in the building project. His attitude toward Israel is peaceful, and his help must have been greatly appreciated.

We also learn that King Hiram recognizes Solomon’s wisdom. Solomon’s wisdom was a gift given by the same God Hiram acknowledges. Do you think Solomon realizes God’s blessing? If not, he should after being recognized as wise. Hopefully, Solomon gives credit where credit is due lest his own ego grow out of control.

I have met a few people in my lifetime who could use a dose of humility as they exploit their God given gifts as something “they” did. God gifts us all. When we discover what our gifts are and the best way to use them to glorify God’s kingdom, life gets really fun.

Solomon is receiving quite the master craftsman. It sounds like Huram-abi is the perfect fit for what Solomon had asked for. And bonus, Huram-abi has Israelite blood in him, too, from his mother’s side. Did Huram-abi already know the one true God having grown up in Tyre? Would his work on the temple project increase his faith?

Finally, we learn more about the resources changing hands. Solomon’s offer of payment is accepted. And Solomon can have all the timber he needs cut and sent downstream. Transporting these logs from Joppa to Jerusalem is up to Solomon. That would have been a bit of a trip in those days without highways and big trucks to haul supplies.

What did you think of Solomon’s census? A huge amount of manpower was needed to complete this project and Solomon knew it. What better resource of people for these jobs than the foreigners living in the land? I had an immediate flashback to when the Israelites were in Egypt, a foreign county, and enslaved for the pharaoh’s building projects. I hope we see that Solomon treats his workers better than his ancestors would have been treated.

What was your takeaway or observation in this reading?

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Let’s pray. Lord, thank you for how you provided for Solomon and your people in temple construction process. I know how building projects are time consuming and challenging to navigate at times. I thank you, too, for the wisdom you have given me. I pray that I’ll be ready and watching with opportunities comes to help others with that gift. May I become more like Jesus every day. In his precious name I pray. Amen.

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