1 Corinthians 15:20-28 – You Belong, You Rise

Read 1 Corinthians 15:20-28

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There are some challenging concepts going on in this reading, do you agree? But I love when God challenges me to listen. It’s easy when we find ourselves reading through familiar passages that we almost skim over them. This passage is not one of those we can (or should) skim over.

We’re talking our future here. We’re talking about God’s majesty over everything. That’s a lot for 9 verses! I’m finding this passage especially comforting in light of all the chaos going on around the world. Doesn’t it give you some peace to know God’s got it all under control?

Better yet, when we belong to Jesus, we have the assurance of eternal life with him after we die. I liked how Adam and Jesus are like the bookends of our existence. Because of Adam’s sin we die; because of Jesus we are given new life! Our lives have meaning, purpose, and a happily ever after. Sadly, those who don’t know Jesus stay stuck in the world with its empty promises.

But that brings up another thing that I’ve been reflecting on lately, not related to this devotional from 1 Corinthians. It does have to do with salvation though. When I think of all the people being killed in different situations around the world, I always think, “did they know Jesus?” If they didn’t, what happens? Do they miss out on heaven?

According to what I believe, Jesus is the only way for us to get to heaven. But in the example when death occurs before hearing the gospel, I leave those folks in God’s hands. He made them after all. Their future is still in God’s hands, but it’s not “guaranteed” like it is for those of us who trust Jesus.

I’ve stopped asking the question about knowing Jesus because if they don’t, there’s nothing I can do now. It only ignites the fire inside me more to make sure I’m doing my part to tell people about Jesus and how much he loves them. That having a relationship with Jesus is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. And I’ve had some pretty great things happen.

How does it make you feel to know you will rise by belonging to Jesus? When things get ugly in the world, and we know they will (and are), cling to Paul’s words, “everyone who belongs to Christ will be given new life.” Another great assurance is also given here. Psalm 8:6 is quoted, “You gave them charge of everything you made, putting all things under their authority. Jesus has your back. Everything is under his authority.

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Let’s pray …
Father God, thank you for the peace that comes from knowing you and trusting your word. Jesus is in control, and while it can be a scary time, just knowing that brings comfort. Help me not to fear but to draw closer to you. Draw me in. I look forward to the day when you return, and I can rise with you! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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