1 Samuel 30:21-31 – Sharing

Read 1 Samuel 30:21-31

cupped hands with a flowering plant handing them to another set of cupped hands sharing

I had forgotten that David’s army that won back their loved ones and possessions in our last reading was only a partial army. David didn’t forget. The 200 men who had stayed behind, even in their weariness, were likely thrilled to be reunited with their loved ones. I can just imagine the gratitude they felt towards David and the others.

But cries of injustice were heard as the men who did fight felt it was unfair to share their great bounty with those who had not fought for it. I loved how David responded to them. “Don’t be selfish with what the Lord has given us.”

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Acts 28:11-31: Serve and Love

Read Acts 28:11-31

Paul has arrived in Rome, just as Jesus told him he would. The journey there was a bit rocky, but he was safe. His ministry in Rome is now underway. I am always amazed at how news traveled in those days. The phone hadn’t been invented yet, and certainly, there was no email or texting. Yet believers knew and came to welcome and encourage Paul.

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