Luke 2:1-7 – It’s Just the Beginning

Read Luke 2:1-7

Jesus is born. It’s a story we’ve heard many times. I want you to read it again, and pretend this is the first time you read the story. There are many people walking around this planet who do not know Jesus, much less how he came to earth. These first few chapters of Luke are pivotal. There is so much wisdom that points to God’s perfect plan to save the world.

God became man, in the form of a little baby. He chose a young virgin betrothed to a man in the line of King David, to fulfill Scripture prophecies. He was born and placed in a manger. Aren’t mangers another word for animal feed trough?  Our God was placed in a food bin? The lowliness of his birth is astounding. Continue reading “Luke 2:1-7 – It’s Just the Beginning”