1 Samuel 20:1-23 – Helping a Friend

Read 1 Samuel 20:1-23

two hands shaking each other as friends would do

If David was in denial before this, he is now certain Saul’s intentions are to kill him. Interesting that as he fled the scene in our last reading, he now ends up in the presence of his friend, Jonathan.

David hasn’t forgotten who Jonathan’s father is. Crazy thoughts like, “should I trust Jonathan?” or “is Jonathan going to be loyal to his father or me?” were likely running through David’s head. But the question that was actually haunting David was What is my crime? How have I offended your father that he is so determined to kill me?” I thought that to be a particularly good question!

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1 Samuel 17:52-18:4 – New Friends

Read 1 Samuel 17:52-18:4

two cuddly teddy bears sitting in a field, facing away, one posed with it's arm around the other

What a statement David’s actions made that day for the Israelites and the living God. The soldiers didn’t waste any time plundering the deserted camp. I can just imagine the relief they felt. They would not have to endure the bondage that seemed so sure.

It seems for David it was “all in a day’s work.” He carries Goliath’s head like a trophy, yet not with selfish pride but with gratefulness to God for giving him the strength. David’s deed had obviously caught Saul’s attention. Saul wanted to know everything about David. There doesn’t appear to be any recognition or association with the harp player, David. We see two, distinctly different sides of the same man in the accounts we’ve been reading.

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