Psalm 8 💚 I Am God’s Creation

Read Psalm 8

Famous rendering of God's hand reaching out in creation

As we embark on our “Discovering the Bible Challenge,” we’ll focus first on Our Majestic and Gracious God. Each reading has been carefully selected for our Bible adventure together. I probably didn’t need to even tell you what the “theme” of the week is. What does our psalm speak to your heart about God’s character?

For me, I am comforted in knowing I was not created and then left to fend on my own. We all know this world to be a dark, cruel place underneath all the beauty and glorious display of God’s hand. There is peace knowing God created me to be in relationship with him. His instruction is available for all his children.

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Genesis 1:1-31 – In the Beginning. . .

Read Genesis 1:1-31

I am really excited about starting this book of the Bible with you. It is where it all began. We will encounter stories that are familiar, and the task will be to meet them as if for the first time. God’s word is alive, and we need to let it speak to us in new ways each time we read it. The Old Testament has a beauty and charm of its own, and after spending a lot of time in the writings of Paul and other early church leaders, it will be a good challenge for all of us to go back to our roots, to the beginning.

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