2 Samuel 19:41-20:2 – There’s One In Every Crowd!

Read 2 Samuel 19:41-20:2

crowd of people

How fickle the men of Israel were in this passage! One minute they’re having a discussion with the men of Judah about fairness. The men of Israel were feeling like they had been left out or minimalized, and then abruptly turned in the opposite direction, against David.

There’s a _____ in every crowd. You fill in the blank! In this account, it turns out to be a troublemaker. Every good story has a villain. Even fairy tales often have a frightening side. Today our troublemaker is Sheba.

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2 Samuel 16:5-14 – Sticks and Stones…

Read 2 Samuel 16:5-14

a pile of smooth stones

Do you remember that children’s rhyme? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That was the taunt I would use when being bullied. I’m quite sure I wasn’t as bold or brave as King David in almost inviting the ridicule.

Never did I give God credit for the teasing I received. Despite the situation King David finds himself in, he is still clinging to God’s promises and trusting that what he is encountering has God’s stamp of approval on it. Yet he does say, “And perhaps the Lord will see that I am being wronged and will bless me because of these curses today.”

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