Proverbs 3:9-20 – Honoring God

Read Proverbs 3:9-20

There are a lot of nuggets in today’s passage. Which one really resonated with you? The one about wealth, the Lord’s discipline, the familiar lyrics of a song? Wisdom has been with God since creation. And blessed are men who find wisdom. The book of Proverbs is already whetting our appetites to know more, to truly seek wisdom, to be blessed.

Yet, how many of us will read this text and then return to business as usual? Do we really let what we read soak in? Are there things we can do differently in our lives because we are on a mission for wisdom?

Temptations surround us to keep us off track. Take our money for example, since that was the first item in today’s reading. What are we supposed to do with our wealth? Honor God. In case you’re looking at your bank account or investment portfolio realizing there isn’t a lot of “wealth” there, this passage speaks to me of more than just monetary wealth. You are a treasure. You have a wealth of gifts to share.

Some people have an unhealthy relationship with money. We may be spendthrifts and buy things we do not need or cannot afford. We may be hoarders and hide our money under the mattress, so to speak, “just in case.” We may be fearful of money and success and look down on those who have monetary wealth. We may flaunt it for our own gain so that people like us or want to spend time with us.

The wisdom in this passage would say that we should honor God with our wealth, with the gifts he has given us. We need to give our best to God. In return, our barns will be overflowing, that is, our lives will be filed with blessings more than we can imagine. How are you at giving?

I don’t want to make this reflection all about money because there is so much more here. But it is the one that spoke to me today. Somebody asked me the other day if our business was making money, like that was “the” measure of success. Instead, I would prefer people ask, is your business changing lives, empowering others, glorifying God?

Another great reminder in today’s text is that about God’s discipline. He disciplines us when he loves us. We know God loves the world, so we should expect His discipline. What does that look like? It will be different for everyone depending on what we are doing that displeases him. If we are not following his will, we can be sure a correction is coming.

I’m glad that God gives me second chances. I’m thankful he reveals himself to me. The words here from verse 19, “By wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations, by understanding he set the heavens in place.” Wisdom has been around for a long time. We can look to creation for understanding of who God is. His wisdom is more valuable than gold or silver. God’s wisdom will enrich our lives.

Let’s pray … Lord, I come to you and thank you for all the riches you have given me.  Forgive me when I get caught up in wanting more stuff. Help me be a good steward of what you have given me. May I be a shining light for the world, pointing them toward you. Watch over those I love and keep them safe. Discipline when necessary so we can stay on your course for our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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