Proverbs 24:17-34 – Do This

Read Proverbs 24:17-34

We’re seeing a lot of the same wisdom being repeated over and over. Some of these themes are don’t seek revenge, fear the Lord, don’t be lazy, and don’t associate with rebels. These are all good reminders. I much prefer the “do this” examples of wisdom. After all, when we are told “not” to do something, aren’t we more inclined to want to do it? I can just picture someone saying, “don’t look now, but…” What happens? The other person will undoubtedly look!

So, the verse I’d like to focus on today is a “do this” instance. “Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.” We are not currently planning to build a house, but here in Mexico that would certainly be a possibility. We would definitely need to plan well, which would include finding a contractor with a good reputation and work ethic. I see this nugget of wisdom as reminding us of the importance of preparation. We shouldn’t rush to have something we aren’t ready for.

It is natural for a young couple to get married and think they should immediately buy a house and furnish it completely. They have the mistaken impression that that is what is expected. After all, since they were children, they saw what their parents had, they knew the “right” path was college, job, marriage, house, pet, children.

Too many times we rush. We’re too impatient and want the goodies now before we are ready. We need to be careful not to be shortsighted, looking at the instant gratification rather than the long-term success. We need to be ready, have planned, have saved, have cleared away the baggage before we can truly experience the comforts.

What happens to the people who chase all the shiny objects? They end up broke. Careful planning will help you avoid those kinds of setbacks. Diligent preparations will secure a sound future. I remember the days of TV dinners, cardboard boxes for tables, and scraping to pay the bills. It was what you did so you could save and plan for the future. The other problem with “shiny objects” and new-fangled toys is that they keep you separated from God. Your attention is not on God or on preparing for the life he has designed for you.

What are you preparing for? How is the planning phase going? Be sure to call on God’s wisdom to help you be successful.

Let’s pray … Thank you, God for standing beside me despite my poor judgments in spending that I have had during my life. I pray that you will help me clarify and restructure my relationship with money. May I be mindful of the importance in planning and preparing for the life you are unfolding for me. Help me not to rush ahead of you and your provisions. Give me wisdom to know when the time is right. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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