Matthew 8:1-4 – Our Little Secret

Read Matthew 8:1-4

We hear that after coming down from the mountain large crowds followed Jesus. Well of course they did. Jesus had just rocked their world and given people a deeper understanding of what they had known the “law” to be. There were probably a lot of “light bulb moments” for those listening on the mountain hillside that day. Word would spread fast about this man, Jesus, who had taught them with such authority.

We learn that in the business world leaders with authority do much better than those without it. What gives a leader authority? When we look at Jesus’ example, we see a man who took control of the situation. He wasn’t wishy-washy with his message. He spoke with boldness. He knew what he was talking about. Who better to know the law than the one who helped write it! With this authority, Jesus will attract a lot more people to himself. Including the leper.

The man with leprosy had boldness as well. Generally, folks with a skin disease were set apart and not welcome in society. I tend to picture an outcast like that to be intimidated and more likely to keep to themselves. But this gentleman was fearless. He approached Jesus and asked for help.

Bold yet humble. In no way did this man tell or command Jesus to heal him. With a grace-filled humility, he asked Jesus, “if you are willing.” Of course, the man hoped Jesus response would be positive. But I didn’t sense an urgency or pushiness in the man’s request. To that, Jesus was open and the man was healed. Jesus could see his heart. Jesus didn’t hesitate to care for this man.

What did surprise me was Jesus’ message to not tell anyone. How could you keep that kind of news to yourself? Jesus had a very good reason for keeping this their “little secret.” Apparently, there was a right and wrong way to accept this kind of healing. Moses had been given laws from God to give to the people. Jesus was being mindful of that in encouraging this man to go to the priest to offer the “gift” as a testimony. Read more on this ritual HERE.

A testimony of thanksgiving for God’s gracious provision. What are you thankful for today? How has Jesus touched your life?

Let’s pray. Lord, thank you for working behind the scenes in my life to bring about the miracles I see every day. You are an awesome God, full of mercy. Thank you for how patient you are with me and my restless heart. Help me stay focused today on the task at hand. May I shine with your radiance. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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